And cloud computing

And cloud computing as described in a word, “the other side of the cloud world (at the side of the Internet) using the huge processing facility provided. Generic term for technologies that is, Cloud computing is classified into three types.

SaaS : A service that provides software services
PaaS : A service that provides a platform
IaaS  : To provide infrastructure services

Cloud Computing and BCP (Business Continuity Planning)

Cloud computing is one of the solutions to support the implementation of the organization’s business continuity.

All you need to achieve your organization’s business continuity, “responsiveness” and “resiliency”. “Responsiveness” refers to the ability to minimize the impact on business itself when damaged. For example, a large earthquake going on, etc. Perhaps it reduces the damage to the system. In addition, “resiliency” refers to the ability of the business to quickly recover even if it is affected by the disaster.

“Responsiveness” in order to avoid the disaster after earthquake, for example, base isolation system (is suppressed without affecting the equipment to absorb the shaking of an earthquake) will include measures such as using some non-combustible building materials in the server room.

In addition, “resiliency” as an example for a fast recovery solution using data replication technology. Should also have disrupted the original data, in that they allow activities that will be made available to recover data quickly.

Thus, the key to achieve the organization’s business continuity, “responsiveness” and “resiliency” is right in the improvement of cloud computing, this “responsiveness” and “resiliency” contribute significantly to have the power.

The second, Cloud computing, DR services are combined to provide a backup system (Depending on the IT service provider).

BCP is the answer to cloud hosting services?

Cloud computing is not a valid BCP, it is one of the options for establishing a highly effective disaster recovery services.

However, cloud computing is also a universal need that you do not know. The biggest concern is the black box of IT Services.

Organization, therefore, after considering the advantages and disadvantages of cloud computing carefully, we think the key is to consider the best measures.


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