Accelerate data-driven decisions on First-of-its-kind SAP HANA Community Cloud

  • Multiple Deployment Options
  • Built-on pre-defined SAP standards
  • SAP Managed Services

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HANA Instances

Built by Industry Experts to Deploy, Manage & Monitor your SAP HANA Environment

Key Benefits

  • Agile cloud computing environment
  • Enhance existing applications
  • Quality user experience with user-friendly interface
  • Faster time-to-market
  • Improve ROI, reduce costs

A Through and Through Solution

We have built the SAP Community Cloud especially for the SAP community which follows all the standards set by SAP itself so that a user can run his HANA instances on our SAP certified Community Cloud with better Flexibility and Redundancy. We follow the compliances of SAP so that a user can get everything under one roof. We offer various types of deployment choices under On-Prem and Commercial Data Center options. Tailored Data Center Integration (TDI) is offered to customers which allows HANA customers to leverage existing hardware and infrastructure components for their HANA environment. This server type is provided on our SAP Community Cloud. With a focus on fully managed SAP HANA instances on the cloud, a user experiences fast and elastic operations through our cloud solution. With eNlight 360, a user is provided Single-Sign-On (SSO) login for all the services at one place which covers other solutions provided by us like WAF, gDNS, MTvScan and many others.

Our dedicated monitoring team manages and configures SUSE/HANA failover clusters with RPO/RTO commitment with detailed reporting and continuous drills. When a user faces some technical issues, he tends to call multiple support personnel for a solution but with us, a user gets a Single Point of Support with a dedicated account manager for better turnaround time for all the managed services like Infra, BASIS support & DR.

  • Our support is provided by in-house certified specialists who have an experience of serving large enterprises and more than 150 SAP & HANA customers and 11,000+ SAP users.
  • ESDS is listed on SAPs APJ Portal as a partner of choice for SAP S/4 HANA infrastructure hosting.

Cloud and SAP Managed Services

1. Onboarding Services
  • One Time SAP Infrastructure setup as per final sizing
2. SPLA License
  • VMware
  • Veritas NetBackup/Commvault
3. SAP Managed Services
  • SAP Basis Support
  • HANA Administration Service
  • Sybase/MaxDB etc.
  • SAP HANA/SUSE Failover-Cluster Service (Configuration, daily monitoring & management)
4. Infra Managed Services
  • 24x7 Advanced Monitoring Service
  • OS, Storage, backup, Network & Security
5. DR Setup
  • One Time DR infra setup
  • DR Drills & Reporting
  • RTO/RPO monitoring
  • Replication Monitoring & Configuration
6. Compute/Storage
  • Certified SAP Cloud
  • SAP HANA on TDI (Physical/Cloud) & Certified Appliance Model
  • Performance Disk space (SAS) – 300 IOPS/TB
  • High Performance Disk space (SSD) – 3000 IOPS/TB
  • Backup solution – Data/Snapshot
7. Network and Security
  • Physical/Virtual Firewalls
  • SIEM, DDoS Service
  • IPSec/SSL VPN, Internet/MPLS Link/Shared P2P Links

SAP Certifications

Other SAP HANA Services

BASIS Services

SAP BASIS Services

Sap Services

SAP DR Services

Infrastructurw Services

SAP Infrastructure Management Services

SAP HANA Case Studies

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