SMARTER Cities with Make-a-Cloud-In-India

Smart Cities Mission is every government’s critical project which aims to make the decision making process more robust with the use of actionable insights based on real time data feeds from millions of sensors. The backbone of a Smart City is based on data, and speedy processing of that data can be made possible using Cloud Technology. ESDS’ Smart City Cloud is placed across our multiple state-of-the-art Data Centers providing futuristic solutions for Smart Cities.

The Smart City’s vision involves elevating quality of life by gaining data insights from sensors, devices and people. Perpetual urban issues like safe city, waste & traffic management and others can be addressed & resolved in a timely fashion by using the analysed data. Our Smart City solutions enable this mammoth incoming data from IOT devices to be captured, stored, computed & analysed with high-performance computing using ESDS’ patented multidimensional auto scaling cloud technology, which further translates data into actionable dashboards. Moreover, at ESDS we take security seriously and hence it’s our prerogative to first ensure the safety and security of data.


ESDS is one of the first cloud companies to have achieved the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MeitY) empanelment for delivering Cloud services to government customers in India. It also has the STQC (Standardization Testing & Quality Certification) audit from MEITY for its cloud hosting services. STQC was appointed by MEITY to audit all cloud service providers and ensure that they meet rigorous government standards to meet cloud needs of various departments. MeitY has been advising government bodies and departments to procure Cloud services only from the empaneled and audit-compliant CSPs.

Thus, ESDS is fully authorized to serve the Indian government and the audit proves that our Cloud services, Software as a Service (SaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS), Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), and Disaster Recovery as a Service, all are as per the standards required by Government of India.


‘ESDS is already working with one of the BIGGEST civic bodies of the country -- Pune Municipal Corporation -- having deployed a majority of their applications on our Make-A-Cloud-In-India eNlight Cloud technology.’

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Complete Smart City Solution


Smart City Essentials and Aligned ESDS Eco-system

We take immense pride in our services as well as our partner ecosystem. All the features needed to achieve the Smart City goal – data, applications and technology -- are available with ESDS.

Smart Government

Use of ESDS’ Smart City cloud computing technology in all sectors of e-governance including government-to-citizen (customer), government-to-employees, government-to-government and government-to-business can enable Speed, Convenience, Efficiency and Transparency in Smart City operations. While several government-to-citizen services have been digitalized, much more can be done with the help of cloud computing to improve access to government records, monitor current IT infrastructure and construct a resilient e-governance system. ESDS’ Smart City Cloud Solution provides efficient storing and retrieval of data, instantaneous transmission of information, faster processing of information and data than the manual systems, speeding up governmental processes, taking decisions expeditiously and judiciously, and enforcing accountability.

We have already worked extensively on government projects with Mudra, IPAS, Konkan Railway, PMC and others.

Smart Energy

ESDS’ Smart City Cloud’s intelligent platform will provide an energy saving solution aiming to boost energy efficiency while constantly minimizing energy consumption. The solution can ensure a rich analyses of the city’s energy needs, provide power consumption analysis on regular intervals and facilitate graphic reports to pinpoint any abnormal energy activities as well as past and future energy trends. Here, data collected from sensors on the eNlight Cloud can be used to create a smart grid consisting of Smart Meters that monitor and manage the flow of electricity from all power generation sources to meet the varying electricity demands of its end-users. With Smart Metering, Smart Grid, Energy Storage & Load Management, Charging Stations and more we can keep your Smart City energy efficient and always POWERED ON!

Smart Public Safety

Data-driven systems enabled by ESDS Cloud can help Smart Cities reduce traffic deaths, bring efficiency in tracking crime, provide emergency policing and emergency response by capturing data through sensors and processing it in real time. Data can be used to predict criminally active areas and also to protect citizens during emergencies. Sensors deployed across railway stations can provide real time data on crowd management so as to avoid dangerous over-crowding scenarios that frequently occur in developing nations. Similarly, gunshot sensors can provide authorities with real time information on criminal activities to enable time policing.

With clients like Nashik Traffic Police Commiserate, Matrix Telecom & Security and others ESDS is already moving towards enabling a Smart Public Safety infrastructure.

Smart Education

ESDS Cloud can accelerate the process of eLearning wherein students can access tutorials and all learning material anytime and anywhere employing ubiquitous devices. Similarly, the ESDS’ Smart City cloud and its vast reach can enable School Management, Cross-Institutional Sharing and Research as well as address the problems of Distance Learning. In a Use Case scenario, teachers can upload their class tutorials, assignments and tests on the cloud server which students will be able to access via Internet using computers and other electronic devices both at home and college 24*7. Our Smart City Cloud Computing platform will make it possible for the teachers to identify problem areas in which students tend to make mistakes, by analysing students’ study records. The same method can be used to collaborate with other students and studies in research academia across universities.

Smart Healthcare

Information generated through big-data analytics on the ESDS Cloud will become the Sun of the IT-enabled healthcare solar system. This information is integrated and connected to a platform where seamless exchange of data can take place. ESDS’ Smart City Cloud can serve as this platform where digital emergency response can be generated, digital health records can be maintained so that patients and doctors are on the same page of treatment and paperless appointments can be made possible. Moreover, diagnostics and monitoring of remote patients can be done through tech-enabled devices through this cloud amongst a host of other activities.

Smart Transportation

ESDS’ Smart City Cloud solutions can help cities use technology to alleviate pain points and make commuting as easy as a pie. Read smart parking, traffic management, fleet tracking, road condition sensing and more. Passenger information systems provide real time information to passengers using a public transport system. Usually the expected time of arrival (ETA) is displayed on electronic sign boards at the bus stands, Metro Rail platforms or the Airports and Railway stations. Real-time parking management systems also provide the information related to available parking lots through a publically displayed electronic sign board. IOT sensors across the city send real time data to the cloud which stores, processes and sends data to relevant information management systems.

Smart building and lighting

Smart Buildings are going to be an essential factor in Smart Cities and they are largely defined as those that use cloud-based computing like ESDS’ Smart City Cloud to integrate all aspects of the building and provide an enhanced living experience for the occupants. Systems like security and surveillance, Heating, Ventilation and Cooling (HVAC as well as water, parking and lighting management can be assimilated on the ESDS cloud through sensors and other IoT devices to ensure complete control and management through single dashboard, anywhere and everywhere.

Smart Water Management

ESDS’ Smart City Cloud platform delivers smarter water management through insights from data to help authorities manage storage & distribution, quality monitoring, waste water treatment and flood control measures. From handling water pressure to detecting leaks/threats and optimising water consumption, the ESDS Smart City Cloud uses advanced data management, visualization, correlation and collaboration technologies. This transforms the vast amounts of disparate data received from various devices like metering systems, assets and stakeholders into actionable information that can guide executive and operational decision-making.

ESDS’ Smart City Cloud Water Management solution can also transform the agricultural sector by using data insights gained from sensors for alerting farmers about irregular weather conditions so that they can take proactive steps to protect their crops. Similarly, it can also alert the irrigation sprinklers in farms in the absence of farmers.

Smart Waste Management

A cloud-based smart waste management mechanism can serve several purposes like waste sensing & collection, sorting, recycling, disposal and others. In a use case scenario, waste bins are equipped with sensors, capable of notifying their waste level status and upload the status to the ESDS Smart City Cloud. The stakeholders including officials are able to access the desired data from the cloud. This data is used to redefine the waste collection schedule to maximize the collection. Location of vehicles and waste bins are used to find the shortest possible collection route for each truck to establish fuel efficiency. The whole process can be monitored centrally and thus provides a high quality service to the citizens of a Smart City.

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