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Database Administration Services

Unleash your Organization’s True Potential with us. We keep your Database Environment Stable through prompt Administration

Database Performance Tuning

Get End-to-End Solutions for Your Database

Your business virtually produces data in large quantities and that data is important for analysis in order to get more insights and make better business decisions. All this data which is generated is fundamentally stored in a database and databases are very common to modern businesses. And with growing data, there is a growing need for administration of databases because the prime responsibility is then to maintain and protect the integrity of company’s data. Here is where Database Administrators’ (DBA) job begins, as he/she is responsible for taking care of database management system and ensuring it is always available. Organizations hesitate to hire DBAs because there are certain costs associated in terms of hiring, training and retaining in-house DBAs. When an organization’s database requires administration but do not want to employ DBAs, they get in touch with ESDS for Database Administration services.

ESDS’ Database Administrators helps you align your business operations with enhanced performance by expertly taking care of your database. Our DBAs take care of multiple database needs such as database integration, maintenance, monitoring, optimization, upgrade or performance tuning of your database environment. Experience professional database support through certified administrators for specific databases whether your projects are on-site, off-site, onshore or offshore.

Supported Technologies

Database Replication

We frequently replicate your data in another site so that so that others can also access the same information. Due to distributed database copies, the availability of data is great because it is consistently being updated and stays synchronized with the source

Database Maintenance

Ensuring efficiency and functionality of your database through timely maintenance. We keep your database clean so that you don’t find it hard to access your data when you need it the most.

Database Performance Tuning

Tuning a database is an essential practice, and it’s fair to say that performance tuning of a database is extremely complex and is influenced by many variables. Get true diagnosis and historical evaluation and analyse the vital signs in your database.

  • Database advisors that proactively optimize database instances.
  • Appropriate tools based on the automatic workload repository to tune the database
  • Diagnose common problems and optimize performance-related to SQL
  • Diagnose and optimize common performance issues.

Database Upgrades (Major, Minor, Edition)

Get the latest database upgrades across multiple database environments using various methods, testing, configuration and contingency routines. Upgrade to any relevant version, any operating system and get support to resolve complex issues while upgrading databases.

Database Optimization

We use clear metrics that shows where optimization in your database is needed and where it will have the greatest impact and how database functionality can be improved.

Database Patch Management

Experience Exuberant Support and expertise to manage patches when they rollout to ensure that end-users benefit from best of features at all times

  • Ascertaining vulnerabilities and integrating patches to resolving them.
  • Investigate the impact and prioritize.
  • Patch testing across test environments.
  • Patch rollout scheduling.
  • Verification of patches for successful application.

Database Migration

When you need to migrate a database this is the service that is right for you, which is able to align data with a primary database in the eNlight Cloud / Dedicated Server / VPS, etc. The process is simple and fast and the downtime could be minimal during migration. Database migrations with ESDS are not only economical but also competitive.

  • Verification of error log files.
  • Data backup auditing.
  • Verification of availability of databases
  • Control of the level of archive logs file system.
  • Control of the level of data directories
  • Control of the level of the table-spaces in the databases
  • Analysis of the error message in the alert log of databases

Database Auditing

We perform the following audit checks:

  • Verification of error log files
  • Data backup auditing.
  • Verification of availability of databases.
  • Control of the level of archive logs file system.
  • Control of the level of data directories.
  • Control of the level of the table-spaces in the databases.
  • Analysis of the error message in the alert log of databases.

Get DBA OnDemand!

Get database support and administration, even if you are not an ESDS customer. In Emergency situations, hire ESDS’ DBA experts who perform restore and recovery of physical backups; repair corrupted logs to allow roll-forward; repair operating system and file system errors and ensure service restoration. Get point-in-time recovery of your databases, customizable resources based on your unique project needs.

Get end-to-end support for any database project, no matter how complex it is

  • Database Stabilization.
  • Database Performance Tuning.
  • Application Performance Tuning.
  • Major Database Upgrades
  • Implementing High Availability or Disaster recovery solutions
  • Database Migrations.
Database Performance Tuning

Benefits received by Enterprises

Proactive Monitoring of Database

Better Business Continuity through our DBA Support Specialists

24/7Dedicated Database Support

Customized Database Architectural Designs

24/7 Monitoring & Alerting

Real-time Solutions for Projects

Well Planned Database Backup Strategies

Customizable Weekly/Monthly Reports

Our cost-effective service packages are categorized into: Basic and Full.

24/7 Service Desk
24/7 Monitoring & Alerting
Weekly/Monthly Health Check Report
Database Backup & Recovery
Database Maintenance
Database Performance Tuning
Database Optimization
Database Upgrades
Database Patch Management
Database Migration
Database Security
Database Auditing

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