Powered by eNlight Cloud, ECC offers maximum control and flexibility for dynamic enterprise workloads

  • High performance Cloud platform
  • Efficient utilization and distribution of resources
  • Superior Security Policies

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Key Benefits

  • Superior speed and performance for IT resources
  • More efficient utilization of IT resources
  • Lower IT infrastructure & operational costs
  • Increased capacity to handle peaks in demand
  • Safer computing environment
  • Flexible data security policies

Enterprises all over the world have acquired their famed reputation because of provision of seamless services and security to their customers. ESDS’ Enterprise Community Cloud (ECC) cluster provides a seamless and safe back-end so that companies can continue to serve customers well and better their services on the front end.

With a focus on quality and security of ongoing operations on the cloud, eNlight ECC helps organizations achieve seamless hosting with 100% uptime. Its ability to auto scale up and down to balance variable workloads and the consequent pay per consume model proves to be a cost-efficient model for enterprises. The self-servicing portal also enables CIOs to manage and monitor their IT infrastructure with a single sign on feature.

The services are certified with ISO 9001, ISO 20000/BS 15000, ISO 27001/BS 7799 and ISO 27017 & ISO 27018 to ensure maximum security. Data is stored on enterprise storages having multiple security layers that are further strengthened by following best storage practices including isolation of storage from public network and thick provisioning of storage to negate sharing. Hardware and network virtualization technology isolates cloud servers at the hypervisor layer for additional data security.

The Enterprise Community Cloud offers a stable and robust computing environment that delivers software, infrastructure and platform services to an enterprise. This cloud comes packed with benefits like Superior speed and performance for IT resources, efficient utilization of IT resources, lower IT infrastructure costs, lower IT operational costs and increased capacity to handle peaks in demand for IT resources, like web applications and services.

The self-service feature-intensive cloud with a SSO session is perfect for enterprises who are looking for higher levels of automation and control within their organizations. The eNlight Cloud Management Portal on which the community cloud functions makes provisioning and management of compute, network, security services, storage, database, applications, billing information and account management capabilities effortlessly accessible through single window. These services are backed by exuberant round-the-clock support and super-managed services.

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