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Get effective database consulting to assist you in avoiding oversized and expensive solutions that compromise on the goal of smooth functioning of your business.

Manage multiple project requests whether requirements are on-site, off-site, onshore or offshore. Get customized support for your organization.

  • Database architectural designs or Database development for an anticipated project.
  • Enabling real-time and real-world solutions for provisional needs of your database infrastructure.
  • Professional database support by highly skilled experts for specific database, infrastructure or application.
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Database Consultation

Supported Technologies

Database Consultation

Choose to be Consulted Upon -

  • Core Database Assessment.
  • Database Upgrade Assessment.
  • Database Migration Assessment.
  • Database Security Assessment.
  • Database Virtualization Assessment.
  • Database HA/DR Assessment.
  • Database Performance Assessment.
  • Database and Application Performance Assessment.
  • Database Project.
Core Database Assessment

Core Database Assessment

Core Database Assessment identifies the largest area that possesses a potential risk in database environments. Our DBAs take appropriate steps to eliminate those pitfalls. This assessment covers all the key phases of your database from configuration and recoverability to maintenance and security.


Database Performance Assessment

Data forms the crux of an organization and needs to be handled skillfully. With Performance assessment, you get consulting on how to improve your database performance. In order to ascertain whether your databases can be taken to an advanced level of performance, ESDS’ database analysts evaluate critical components, having dug deep into the systems. The focus is at evaluating Indexes, missing indexes, index hot spots, index usage, database statistics, I/O, Memory and CPU consumption.

Core Database Assessment

Database/Application Performance Assessment

Conduct a complete analysis of database's best practices, SQL code performance, and progress model of current database infrastructure in order to find out the root causes that might be affecting the application performance. Gain insights whether the existing specifications of the server are accurate in accordance with the present workload and define the crucial resources required for further performance boost.


Database Virtualization Assessment

Virtualization is great, especially when you're considering an alternative to physical infrastructure. Get all the insights and statistics required to understand the commencement of a virtualization project. Virtualization assessment gives you the needed traction to construct an implementation plan for database virtualization. Collaborate with DBA advisors who look beyond the fundamental architecture and include an in-depth review of the tangible databases in your environment for more comprehensive assessment.


Database Upgrade Assessment

Upgradation of an existing database system offers numerous benefits such as performance improvement, better security, newer functionality and reliability. And if you wish to upgrade we can put your project in a right place with proper planning, preparation and upgrade steps to ensure the entire process takes place smoothly. A typical upgrade assessment project starts by answering key questions Eg: is the latest version suitable for you, and can your existing environment find a grip with the latest version?


Database Security Assessment

Security Assessment is the analysis of your database environment which includes review of database parameters, configuration, instance and operating system. Get recommendations for best practices and remediation services to determine the potential security breach, threat prevention, safeguarding and preserve the reliability of your data. By protecting your mission-critical databases you get complete peace of mind. Database security assessment manages data privacy, security and integrity of database environment.


Database HA/DR Assessment

Mission-critical systems have to be online round the clock, 365 days a year. If critical applications, servers or data aren’t available, it can quickly lead to loss of revenue, dissatisfied customers, penalties and negative publicity which can harm the reputation of a company’s sustainability. The High Availability (HA) and Disaster Recovery (DR) technologies of ESDS protects your business from unplanned outages and support planned downtime – even when human errors occur.

Get Real-time Benefits of HA/DR
  • Provides security against server failures.
  • Prevents data loss in case of emergency.
  • Performs upgrades with minimal or zero downtime.

To ensure maximum availability, there are several design models. Our Database administrators consistently follow the approach of immediate recovery in the event of a system failure.


Database Migration Assessment

Get smart, fast and simple methods that allow evaluating your database for migration and assist you to understand the best migration alternatives.

Get a clear picture of the cost savings involved in moving your data from database platform and applications to another database platform.


To understand your database architecture and configuration, get consultation and carry out a series of system diagnostics to catalog your database and usage of the application. The outcome of diagnostics will then be evaluated and summarized across various key database compatibility categories into an inclusive report. In each category migration issues will be explained in detail with an additional description stating the best practices within the ESDS migration methodology.

Database Projects

Database Projects

Get experts involved at every step of your database project.

All database projects are distinctive in nature and require profound understanding of the project and the database environment. The database project requirements can range from subsets of a bigger project or full departmental initiatives.

They can be determined by application prerequisites or evolving efforts. Projects can be anticipated or can be an instantaneous unforeseen need. If you have or need multiple small database projects that suits your IT budget and secures against future emergencies, you can take advice from ESDS’ DBA team and discuss/ evaluate various options to determine which option is best for you.

Get advice for your Database Project, which may be any of the following-
  • Database Installations and configuration.
  • Database analysis and Health Check.
  • Performance Tuning.
  • Database Security and Audits.
  • Consolidation.
  • Migration Assessment.
  • Database Assessment.
  • Database Infrastructure Design.
  • Application Design.
  • Database Maintenance.
  • Database license consolidation.
  • Load Balancing.
  • Upgrade Assessment.
  • Backup and Recovery.
  • High Availability and Failover.
  • Clustering and Replication, Disaster Recovery.
  • Oracle RAC and Data Guard.
  • SQL Server Services.
  • SQL Server Replication.
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