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Database consulting Services

We Design Systems that Exceed Customer Expectations Consult our Certified Database Experts and Let us Help You Foster an Efficient Database Environment

Database consulting Services

Benefits of choosing ESDS’s Database Consultancy Service

Enterprises churn out plenty of data on day-to-day basis which is generated through staff, customers, inventory, sales, and multiple other sources. Many-a-times, responsible data administrators in an enterprise do not store this data in a systematic manner, which later acts as a barrier for them to make informed decisions. It is extremely essential to have a centralized data management system such as a database in place to securely store the ever-growing data for accurate track-keeping. Not all data administrators are specialized in handling database applications and so they need consultants and experts like us they can trust. ESDS’ certified database consultants examine your database requirements from every perspective so that we can design the perfect solution for your unique specifications. We help you solve complex business problems by implementing latest database practices.

There is unquestionably no one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to databases, and that’s why every database is uniquely designed to meet every enterprise’ distinct goals. Therefore, we thoroughly understand your needs so that you can address your actual business concerns and harness the potential of your information assets. Our consultants work with you for specific projects or on temporary basis and take a tailored approach to build custom Cloud-based database application. Certified DBAs at ESDS strive to find the right solution for you because we want you to be more competitive and successful in what you do.


Core Database Assessment

We assess key phases of your database starting from configuration and recoverability to maintenance and security. Our DBAs take appropriate steps to eliminate any pitfalls which might be potential risk in database environments.

Database Performance Assessment

With Performance Assessment, you are consulted on how to improve your database performance. In order to ascertain if your database is ready for advanced level of performance, ESDS’ database analysts evaluate critical components such as Indexes, missing indexes, index hot spots, index usage, database statistics, I/O, Memory and CPU consumption

Database/Application Performance Assessment

We conduct complete analysis of SQL code performance and progress model of your current database infrastructure to find the root causes that might be affecting application performance. You gain insights in your existing server specifications so that you can address the present workloads and the additional resources required to boost application performance.

Database Virtualization Assessment

Get all the insights and statistics vital to understand the commencement of a virtualization project. Collaborate with DBA advisors who look beyond the fundamental architecture and include an in-depth review of the tangible databases in your environment for more comprehensive assessment.

Database Upgrade Assessment

Our DBA experts assess your existing database and plan the right upgradation steps based on your projects and business activities.

Database Security Assessment

Database Security Assessment focuses on data privacy and integrity of database environment which includes review of database parameters, configuration, instance and operating system. With best recommendations and tips, you can stay ahead of any potential security threats and preserve the value of your data.

Database HA/DR Assessment

The High Availability (HA) and Disaster Recovery (DR) solutions by ESDS protects your business from unplanned outages and support planned downtime – even when human errors occur. Our Database administrators consistently follow the approach of immediate recovery in the event of a system failure.

Database Migration Assessment

Get a clear picture of the cost savings involved in moving your data from database platform and applications to another database platform. To understand your database architecture and configuration, our database consultants carry out a series of system diagnostics to catalogue your database and usage of applications. The outcome of diagnostics is then evaluated and summarized across various database compatibility categories into an inclusive report.

Database Projects

As every project is distinctive in nature, the project requirements can range from subsets of a bigger project or full departmental initiatives.

Get experts involved at every step of your database project.

If you have or need multiple small database projects that suits your IT budget, you can consult with our DBA experts to evaluate various options.

Benefits of choosing ESDS’s Database Consultancy Service

Real-time Solutions for Projects

Deep Database Expertise

Future-proof Database Planning

Customized Database Architectural Designs

Efficient Application Lifecycle

Well Planned Database Backup Strategies

Better Information Utilization through Experts

Improved Application Stability through Proactive Monitoring

Get advice for your Database Project, which may be any of the following

  • Database Installations and configuration
  • Database analysis and Health Check
  • Performance Tuning
  • Database Security and Audits
  • Consolidation
  • Migration Assessment
  • Database Assessment
  • Database Infrastructure Design
  • Application Design
  • Database Maintenance
  • Database license consolidation
  • Load Balancing
  • Upgrade Assessment
  • Backup and Recovery
  • High Availability and Failover
  • Clustering and Replication, Disaster Recovery
  • Oracle RAC and Data Guard
  • SQL Server Services

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