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Auto Scalable Storage for your Growing Data, on eCOS

Auto-Scale, as Data Grows

Scale objects with near-infinite capacity when you observe an unexpected data growth. eCOS gives you unique vertical and horizontal scaling technology of eNlight cloud with which you can scale up when your data grows and scale down when your data shrinks.

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Store and Organize Terabytes of Data on eCOS

eCOS is eNlight Cloud Object Storage which enables infinite vertical and horizontal auto-scale for your enterprise objects. With eCOS, users can customize meta data to search and fetch data in a few clicks, replicate data across platforms/regions, manage terabytes of data systematically in a secure cloud environment. With eCOS, enterprises reduce the TCO of storage infrastructure with eNlight’s pay-per-use model.

Customize Meta Data

Customize meta data, assign unique ID and store file as a single object. Fetch data in seconds as soon as you feed unique ID. eCOS eliminates the need for web servers and load balancers by fetching details on the web, in real time.

Programmatic Data Management

Manage data with programmatic interfaces provided by eCOS. Get support for additional functionality like object versioning, replication & movement of objects between different tiers and types of storage.

Cross Platform Replication

Get off-the-shelf compatibility across cloud & recover objects, as eCOS runs cross platform replication of data. CAS makes data retrieval easy & builds high redundancy for your enterprise objects, eliminating any loss of data.

Secure Objects

Safeguard your enterprise data against physical & logical failures, fraudulent users & infrastructure failures as eCOS protects objects at all levels. Enterprises can achieve the goals of data compliance & security through eCOS.

Ease of Management

Organize, manage and monitor your data with the help of a user-friendly GUI without the need of specific training/ additional knowledge. Get status updates and notifications, via high performance object storage APIs on eCOS.

Cost Control

Pay as data grows, & zero down cost as data shrinks. eNlight-supported eCOS operates on pay-per-consume billing model which reduces 60-70% of your storage cost. With a highly interactive user-management tool with real-time alerts.

Store enterprise objects with infinite scale, high capacity network and storage architecture of eNlight-powered eCOS.

Universal Access to your Enterprise Data

Create, store, retrieve, access, scale, monitor and manage data with geographical independence, high speed and security. Get high capacity network of eCOS across your cloud infrastructure, making data available anywhere, anytime.

Use Cases

Remote Office File Distribution And Sharing

Risks in sharing large files over the mail can be reduced by combining local storage with eCOS to share and avail files with geographical independence while maintaining complete control and security.

Media Content Storage

eCOS has the flexibility to be used effectively as Media content storage. As it is supported by the auto-scalable eNlight cloud platform, the need to deploy infrastructure can be eliminated.

Backup Archive

eCOS delivers secure, efficient and scalable storage for any type of business, eliminating the need to invest in infrastructure on premise.

Private Cloud

Complete management of storage on private cloud platform of eNlight, without having to invest in huge infrastructure, on-premise.

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