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Advanced Datacenter Security

Safeguard your Enterprise against Threat, with 7 Levels of Security Infrastructure

Get Secure with 7 Layers of Security Infrastructure

Security is necessary, but Advanced Security is by choice. We've taken up Advanced and Managed Security through multi-layered security environment completely managed and maintained in our Datacenter, so that we have a 100% of your trust.

Physical Security

Strict Controls to Block Unsolicited Access

  • 24*7 Armed Security Personnel for IDC Security and Premise Security
  • Bio-metric and Proximity Card Access Control System to for restricted access
  • 24*7 Video surveillance system

DC Network Security

We Monitor & Manage Each Packet coming in or going out from our DC Network

  • High end Cisco Anomaly Guard as well as Cisco anomaly detector for DDoS mitigation
  • SNORT IDS for multiple check levels of security

Monitoring & Management

Automated DC Monitoring Suite using eMagic Software

  • Automated Software for comprehensive monitoring and management of servers, network and applications
  • Netflow traffic and IP address monitoring

DDoS Mitigation

We identify all types of online attacks through behavior-recognition technology of Our Cisco Anomaly Detectors.It mirrors the traffic through catalyst switches and scans it rigorously. Wherever an anomaly is found, it injects a route in the system and diverts the zone traffic to the anomaly guard for mitigation

Firewall Built and Managed

Power-Performance Firewalls for Robust Security

  • Logical Firewall Security with Enterprising Cisco and Cyberoam Apparatus
  • Apply IP Based Security Rules, Port Block, URL Block, Content Filter, Spam Detection

Load Balancer

We give you the Controls for High Availability and Low Latency

  • Load Distribution with best-grade technique for better failover.
  • Control over High availability and Latency


Logs & Alert Monitoring

24*7 Monitoring of Logs & Alerts on servers and network

  • Strict Security Policy for fixing Security Loop holes, if highlighted in Monitoring reports
  • Security Audit Structure for Vulnerability, OS Setting, Network Usage Analysis, Historical Data Analysis

Firewall Security

Stay Best Protected - Only and Always

Internet Threats directly affect True Performance. Running down the threats though complex, need to be addressed wisely and need proactive attention. We employ not just Firewall security as a raw ingredient, but we've formed multiple layers of security through a non-typical configuration of servers, switches, routers and which make the security channel unique and resilient.
Internet risks are growing, but our Firewall Security is growing even better for stronger walls of Security blocking every threat type.

OS Firewall – Apply Our Firewall Rule for Complete Risk Mitigation

Block unwanted network traffic on your server/website, when you enable our Firewall Rule in your OS. The FW Rule blocks unused ports, prevents spoofing on the server/ network attacks and is highly capable of preventing spam and malware attacks.

User/Group Level Firewall Security Policy

Specialized set of Rules and Permissions dominate our User and Group Level Security Policy, where our Firewall Security configures and runs only the applications in-use and discards the unnecessary. High level of control is exercised at the access level for users/groups for e.g. password, login and disk usage.

OS Patch/ Update

Instant hot fix for your application, addition of functionality, elimination of security holes – we offer every patch and pack update for your OS. Apply latest Microsoft update through WSUS (Windows Server Update Services), Use hosting control panels such as cPanel/ WHM, Parallels Plesk Panel or DirectAdmin for a safety patch.

Greater Performance with Secure Firewall Management

  • Cisco Firewall Protection

  • 24*7*365 Exuberant Support by our Experienced Firewall Engineers

  • OS Firewall Rule for Best Risk Mitigation of Unused Ports/ Server Or Network Attacks/ Spoofing Threats and More

  • User/Group Level Security Policy for Highly Customized Security

  • On-site/Remote Consultation with Cisco Certified Professionals

Load Balancers

Balance and Run Easy.

High Availability is critical to any business, however traffic patterns could be different at various stages in your business lifecycle. For managing your application in times of unforeseen traffic spikes, you need to upgrade or downgrade your computing resources to gain high performance and continuity.
The lifeline here could be Effective Load Distribution.

Case 1: Traffic Spikes (Moderate to Extreme)

Traditional Approach: You upgrade/ downgrade your resources by manually adding or removing computing resources, which is time-consuming, Involves efforts of system administrators and is not seamless

ESDS' Feature-Rich Load Balancers: Intelligently and pro-actively analyze traffic, and distribute the load evenly and add/ remove resources. Great option for spontaneous scalability in times of traffic spikes

Case 2: Server Crashes suddenly

Traditional Approach: You add a new device/ server manually and subsequently need to upgrade RAM, CPU, bandwidth, etc. However, not a good option if the newly added server also crashes.

ESDS' Feature-Rich Load Balancers: Even when one or multiple servers crash, your business runs smoothly as the load gets distributed equally between the servers and their network, after analyzing the load/ incoming traffic on the cluster of multiple servers or network links/ storages. You get reliability and high availability through faster response time of required computing resources

What You Can Do with Your Load Balancer?

Build & Manage Your IT Resources, Easily


Configure On-Site or Remotely Located Servers
Run on High Availability with Its Natural HA Feature
Run Any Application with Multi-functionality support

Enterprise Class Load Balancers perform proactive health monitoring of servers, network, databases and applications through quick communication between the resources and make traffic-routing decisions accordingly, to ensure that no resources or time is lost.

Your clients will be at the ultimate advantage as they experience only High Online Performance, while the feature rich and best-in-class load balancers are doing their job in the backstage.

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