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Why ESDS’ Channel Partners?

Our Channel Partner program offers an opportunity to qualified partners based on their capabilities to grow their business by reselling our broad portfolio of cloud solutions and services to their clients based on their requirements. We are committed for the success of our partners and so we offer all the tools and resources to ensure optimum growth in their business.

ESDS and its partners collaborate to offer customers with end-to-end solutions to meet their business critical needs. Presenting the Channel Partner Portal where a partner can sign on and manage their client’s services, check total revenue & invoices and calculate their own commission. Partner’s profile is created on the portal which enables them to check account details and manage tenant’s active services and VMs. The portal provides a detailed UI which shows channel partner’s tenants and revenues which are depicted on dashboards and graphs on monthly basis. One of the main advantages for small enterprises is that when they don’t qualify for big tenders then partnering up with ESDS will ensure that they win the tender through ESDS’ many years of expertise and technology experience. The rich partner ecosystem offers new markets and verticals for accelerated growth and increased revenue.

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