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Enlight Content Delivery Network (CDN)

The Fastest & Cost-Effective CDN Solution

Every day there are numerous instances when we hear users getting frustrated due to the low loading speed of applications, devices and websites. This slowness causes results in lower user experience levels and dissatisfaction. To overcome all user concerns related to latency, bandwidth exhaustion, and a high surge in online traffic, ESDS has developed the India's fastest & highly cost-effective CDN Solutions.

To address geographically scattered users and their needs, ESDS has deployed multiple regional PoPs (Points of Presence) present all over India. These PoPs are capable of handling high bandwidth.

ESDS Enlight CDN Architecture

The multi-level ESDS Enlight CDN architecture allows access to the nearest localized node, minimizing the origin server's burden.

How ESDS Enlight CDN Can Be Beneficial

Multiple Nodes

With multiple acceleration nodes, Enlight CDN serves all-sized carriers intelligently by routing requests across optimal edge nodes

Complete Protection

The web application security protection secures the origin servers from all traffic attacks, ensuring the normal running of the system


Easy and customizable configuration allows quick data and logs analyses. Clear definition of cache policies

Enhanced Stability & Reliability

Full-service acceleration for website, video and download allowing users to quickly and reliably access their data

Delivering Low Latency on a Global Network with Client-Oriented Approach

Routing & Real-Time Network Traffic Analysis

Enlight CDN network is deployed on advanced routing systems using an algorithm based on network latency for destination networks. The network routing is optimized based on data using real-time packet inspection. ESDS routing has proven to be the fastest amongst all anycast routing used by most CDN providers.

Best-in-Class DDoS Protection & Security

Enlight CDN has been developed with the latest and advanced DDoS solution based on DPDK (Data Plane Development Kit). We deploy round-the-clock traffic monitoring for early detection and blocking of all attacks. ESDS Enlight CDN has been developed with the latest and advanced DDoS solution based on DPDK (Data Plane Development Kit). We deploy round-the-clock traffic monitoring for early detection and blocking of all attacks.

Technical Benefits of ESDS Enlight CDN

Intelligent Monitoring

Multi-dimensional monitoring along with automatic fault scheduling

Intelligent Scheduling

Precise scheduling minimizes errors, resulting in improved access speed

Intelligent Cache

Ensures fast stream output of popular resources by enhancing user's experience

Content Management

Rich Content Management functions help customers easily manage content across entire network

Website Acceleration

ESDS Enlight CDN is the perfect solution for websites that demand acceleration for portals, e-Commerce platforms, information apps and the ones having user-generated content (UGC). ESDS Enlight CDN delivers excellent acceleration services for all contents- dynamic or static. Also, it has customized cache policies, allowing the users to define the cache expiration time as per their needs.


Rapid Configuration

Domain names can be easily configured in just a few steps, allowing rapid acceleration availability

Secure Acceleration

Easy configuration of HTTPS and referrer URL validation, allowing high security

Flexible Configuration

Static content can be easily temporarily or permanently cached. The dynamic content can also be uncached

Download Acceleration

ESDS Enlight CDN can also be applied to download tools and download services over HTTP or HTTPS. The increasing number of services like applications and games across user devices require client software to be upgraded in real-time. With ESDS, download acceleration gets distributed across edge nodes present at different locations.


Real-Time Analysis

Log monitoring and statistical analysis performed in real-time, providing readily available data

Secure Acceleration

All network nodes support HTTPS, allowing the configuration of referrer URL blacklisting and whitelisting to enhance data security

Flexible Configuration

Edge Cloud works with OBS for further performance enhancement and cost savings

Video on Demand (VOD) Acceleration

Customers using on-demand audio and services mandatorily require an Edge Cloud. Conventional on-demand audio and video services result in a heavy load on servers, consuming huge bandwidth resources. ESDS Enlight CDN offers faster, reliable and secure acceleration for all such services by delivering the contents across all edge nodes, allowing users to get contents from the nearest node.


Real-Time Monitoring

Traffic and bandwidth on the Enlight CDN are monitored in real-time

Security Control

Anti-leeching access control ensures the protection of copyrights

Flexible Configuration

Content can be cached permanently or in the short-term. It may also be not cached as per the requirement

1. What is Enlight CDN?

Enlight CDN or Content Delivery Network refers to an intelligent virtual network deployed on existing Internet infrastructure. It delivers content from origin servers to Enlight CDN nodes so that the end-users can obtain the desired content from the nearby nodes.

2. What are the Types of Services Supported by ESDS Enlight CDN Services?
  • Website Acceleration: Enlight CDN can be the perfect solution for web-portals, e-Commerce platforms, news applications and applications involving user-generated content
  • Download Acceleration: Enlight CDN can be helpful for download clients, game clients, application stores and websites offering
  • VOD Acceleration: Enlight CDN can also be beneficial for audio-video providers. These may include- online education websites, eCommerce websites and on-demand audio-visual applications.

3. Which Protocols Are Supported by ESDS Enlight CDN?

ESDS Enlight CDN only supports HTTP and HTTPS protocols.

4. What Other Offerings Are Combined with ESDS Enlight CDN?

Other offerings combined with ESDS Enlight CDN include- ESDS eNlight Web Application Firewall (WAF) and ESDS VTMScan.

5. How Do I Obtain the IP Address for a User?

The IP address for any end-user can be determined using either- X-Forwarded-For or Src-Ip-field in the header.

6. How Does ESDS Enlight CDN Determine the Region to Which a User Belongs?

ESDS Enlight CDN uses a local domain name server or LDNS for determining the region of a user.

1. What is the Difference Between an Acceleration Domain Name and Origin Server Domain Name?
  • Acceleration Domain Names

    The users give acceleration domain names for Enlight CDN acceleration. A domain name defines the limits of administrative autonomy, authority or control within the Internet like websites, email addresses or FTP servers.

  • Origin Servers

    An origin server domain name is the domain name for the service server's IP address.

2. Can the Origin Server Domain Name Have the Same as the Acceleration Domain Name?
  • No, the origin server domain name and acceleration domain name can't be the same.

    Whenever an end-user accesses an acceleration domain name's website resources, the desired content is not cached on Enlight CDN nodes. Enlight CDN nodes must get the content from the origin server. In case the origin server is the same as the acceleration domain name, then the user's request will be repeatedly directed to the Enlight CDN nodes.

3. Can Wildcards Be Used as a Part of Acceleration Domain Names?
  • Yes, the wildcard domain names can be a part of acceleration domain names; however, they can't be added on the Enlight CDN console. To access the wildcard in a domain name, the user must submit a service ticket.

4. What Ports Does ESDS Enlight CDN Support for the Configuration of Domain Names?
  • Acceleration Domain Name:

    By default, the acceleration domain names contain ports- 80, 8080 or 443.

  • Origin Domain Name

    Origin domain names can have a port ranging from 1 to 65535.

1. Does ESDS Enlight CDN Accelerate the Domain Name?

Yes, Enlight CDN accelerates domain names. With Enlight CDN acceleration service enabled, all files' access requests under an acceleration domain name get directed to the Enlight CDN nodes.

2. Does ESDS Enlight CDN Support Acceleration for a Single Web Page?

Yes, ESDS Enlight CDN supports acceleration for a single web page. However, suppose the user wishes to accelerate only some resources on a website. In that case, he needs to set an independent domain name for the website resources to be accelerated and then configure the Enlight CDN acceleration.

3. Can ESDS Enlight CDN Offer Acceleration for a Domain Name with Different Types of Services?

Yes, Enlight CDN offers acceleration for different services present on a domain name. It is highly recommended that different pages use different domain names for acceleration.

4. Does ESDS Enlight CDN Support Acceleration for a Single Web Page?

Yes, suppose a user wishes to accelerate some resources on a website. In that case, he can set an independent domain name for the site resources to be accelerated and then configure the Enlight CDN acceleration.

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