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Ever heard the famous story of how the Greeks captured the city of Troy?

According to Greek history, the Trojan horse (giant wooden horse in which Greeks had hidden a group of soldiers inside) helped the Greeks enter the city of Troy and finally win the Trojan War. Do you feel that your on-premise setup is secure? Please take your time and think. If there's an iota of doubt in your mind, then allow our System Architects to analyze your setup and share a report with you. Get in touch with our System Architects.

Should you compromise on scalability, compliances, uptime, and Support to have a Private Cloud?Absolutely not. You can have a public cloud's features in your private cloud setup. ESDS offers 24x7 Support for your private cloud deployment, whether you run it on-premise or in one of the ESDS Data Centers or a co-location Data Center facility of a third-party Data Center service provider. Some of the world's largest private cloud deployments are managed by ESDS Exuberant support staff through our Remote Infrastructure Management Service (RIMS).

What is better, a Private cloud, a Community cloud, or a Public cloud?

We aren't answering that question immediately 😊
We are here to give you a smooth ride, no matter which Cloud vehicle you choose. One of the world's largest IoT projects runs on our community cloud. Yes!!! India's majority of the smart meters are running from our Community Cloud, which is set up in our Indian Data Centers. One of the largest private cloud deployments in Saudi Arabia for the new Smart City project uses our Remote Infrastructure Management Service (RIMS) and our eNlight 360° Orchestration suite. Can you guess the name of this $1.5 Trillion smart city in the making?

Having your private cloud setup with eNlight 360° makes far more sense when you know the scale of your business and when you need a fully compliant, secure & cost-effective solution. If you don't know how much the business shall scale, then it makes sense to go on Public Cloud, but make sure you are ready to pay for it, as the public cloud becomes expensive with unforeseen scale-up. It also makes a lot of sense to use the Public Cloud in case of B2C workloads or the type of workloads where your exposure to Public Internet is very high. ESDS has invented its concept of community cloud for organizations that want more than a private cloud and don't wish to go on a Public Cloud due to escalating yearly costs, non-compliance to standards, and lack of dedicated Support and monitoring.


Benefits of a Private Cloud

The ability to implement unique security mechanisms distinguishes a private cloud from Public Cloud or any other Cloud solution. A private cloud allows your company to customize its security to its demands. Furthermore, the private cloud does not suffer from a lack of resources due to a traffic increase from a neighboring client. Your private Cloud takes good care of your need for compliances, certifications, and audits. Also, a neighboring client's faults will never expose your data paths to a potential breach. The best thing about private Cloud is your check on costs. You don't want to be surprised every now and then by rising public cloud costs. Do you want your cloud to become a tax that becomes a burden on the business? Nah? Then talk to our Solution Architects and get their knowledge transferred to you over a video meeting free of cost 😊


There are hundreds and thousands of benefits to having a private cloud solution. Want to know more?

Secure your business with the most reliable Private Cloud offerings

ESDS Private Cloud Architecture
On Premise Private Cloud Architecture by ESDS
Private Cloud Overview
  • Each layer can be customized based on the inputs from client.
  • Client can also integrate its own ISP link with private cloud infra.
  • You get the best support services with 24 x 7 Phone, E-Mail, and Ticket Support.
  • The virtual machines are configured as per the requirements of the clients.
  • The solution is proposed on a unique, triple patented, and proprietary Cloud platform, "eNlight 360°."
  • ESDS Provides a robust, fault-tolerant infrastructure with enterprise-grade SLAs with an assured uptime of 99.98%.
  • Hosting is proposed in ESDS uptime-certified Tier III Data Centers or customers' preferred Data Center location or any Co-location facility across the globe.
  • All the links are established in Active-Passive mode to ensure that if one fails, the passive becomes active and continues its function.
  • Virtual machines are created according to department requirements, along with operating systems and databases specified by the department.
  • ESDS managed services assist client in complete one time deployment and management of the services considering the inputs received from client.
  • Servers in private cloud can be best segregated on the basis of the requirement of the clients.
  • ESDS Proposes the Enterprise Monitoring Software (EMS) Server / Network / Services* to manage the complete hardware of your private cloud from one single console.
  • ESDS has set up its networking infrastructure on redundant connectivity architecture with the connectivity of the 10/25/40/100 Gig within the networking components.
ESDS Public Cloud Services

How relevant is ESDS Private Cloud for your business?

ESDS's Private Cloud platform gives organizations complete control of a dedicated Cloud environment that is compliant and robust. Through our patented vertical Auto-scaling technology in your Private Cloud setup, resource utilization and allocation are improved drastically, extending excellent application and database performance. We run India's largest Oracle database for one of our customers, and their team loves ESDS for the uptime and performance we give to them in a private cloud environment. Your Org can choose to deploy a Private Cloud on your premise anywhere in the world or host in our state-of-the-art Data Centers in India, the UK, Canada, or North America. With a self-service portal, CTOs or IT administrators can seamlessly manage and customize their Cloud environment as their business demands fluctuate. ESDS provides a private cloud platform that is agile, dynamic, fully managed by the ESDS team, and secure, allowing you to meet your cloud ambitions more efficiently. As one of the best-managed Service providers, ESDS provides tailored solutions to 300+ clients having Private Cloud deployment with ESDS.

By 2024, 40% of Indian organizations will use cloud services on-premises or in service providers' facilities!
Our Private Cloud Benefits for Your Organization

Increase your agility, improve system security, and optimize your application and database performance.

  • Superior Operational Performance
  • No vendor lock in
  • Reduced OPEX, lower TCO – absolutely no commercial shocks!!!
  • On-demand scalability of the resources
  • Dedicated Resources – All compliances are taken care of by ESDS
  • Fully Managed IT solution integrated across multiple Data Centers and SOC Centers
  • Effortless Control of Data and Private Cloud Infrastructure
  • Dedicated Support – 24x7 RIMS
  • Platform to Roll out Emerging Technologies
  • Easy Customizations – A solution designed for your needs
  • Transparent Billing
  • Dedicated "Technical Account Manager" as SPOC for quick resolutions & TAT

Regulated by NABARD, Kolhapur District Central Cooperative Bank Ltd (KDCC) provide services through 191 branches in the district and servers 150,000+ customers through ESDS’ secure private cloud. Reducing the CAPEX of KDCC, ESDS offered Data Centre Hardware as per the current and future requirement of bank, Data Recovery Hardware, FMS services on Site and Remote, Colocation Hosting at Data Centre and DR site with the RBI compliances, Monitoring 24*7*365 with secured environment. ESDS helped KDCC reduce its OPEX & CPEX increasing the profitability.

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Indian Government Ministry

An Indian government ministry responsible for regulating the functioning of the corporate sector in accordance with the law had a heavy load on their IT infra, pushing their IT departments to the extreme. Understanding the crux of the challenges faced by Indian Government Ministry, ESDS offered a full-blown on-premise eNlight 360° Orchestration module, which came with a complete Data Centre Management Suite. eNlight 360° Orchestration module does not need any OEM specific hardware to deploy, can be deployed on old and new hardware. As of today, more than 100 sockets, 200+ VMs of Indian Government Ministry are monitored and managed by ESDS.

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