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eNlight Private Cloud

Designed to Meet Distinct Needs eNlight Private Cloud commits spectacular performance that Elevates Business Operations

eNlight Private Cloud

Private Cloud offers alluring benefits to organizations that wish to migrate on a Cloud platform that is highly secure, customizable and flexible. CIOs and CTOs invest substantial amount in building a traditional on-premise environment and managing it but they do not receive the kind of performance and flexibility which can be accomplished on a Private Cloud platform. ESDS’s Private Cloud platform gives organizations complete control of their dedicated Cloud environment that is compliant and robust. Built on eNlight Cloud, ESDS’s Private Cloud platform delivers ultimate performance for any type of workload with highest levels of security and privacy Organizations that require a dedicated IT environment and see accelerated business operations as a top priority, can meet their business goals with eNlight Private Cloud.

Through Auto-Vertical scalability on our Private Cloud, resource utilization and allocation of resources is improved drastically that also extends greater application performance. Organizations can choose to deploy eNlight Private Cloud in their own premises or host in our state-of-the-art data centers. With a self-service portal, CTOs or IT administrators can now seamlessly manage and customize their Cloud environment as their business demands fluctuates. ESDS’s certified personnels very skilfully manages entire Private Cloud and solves all or any IT complexities through dedicated and exuberant support.

How eNlight Private Cloud can be Beneficial

Superior Operational Performance

Effortless Control of Data and Infrastructure

Dedicated Support

Platform to Roll-out Emerging Technologies

Easy Customizations

Transparent Billing

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