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gDNS for mission-critical applications

Get Lightning Speed for Your Website Anywhere on the Globe

Experience Speed with gDNS. Load your enterprise applications with speedy run times. Get high efficiency for your mission-critical applications, as gDNS runs your servers in a high speed environment with globally distributed servers, giving you high availability across locations. Drive performance with easy management console.

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Speed, Reliability, Uptime through Routing, Redundancy across Locations

Improved Performance through robust Network Topology

Improved Reliability through Any Cast Deployment

Global Access to Enterprise Data

Enhanced Security DDoS Mitigation

Faster Connection to your web assets

High Availability through DNS Load Balancing

Intuitive Control Panel for better management

Cost Control on eNlight-powered model

Get Faster Access to Your Business-Critical Website

Any Cast Deployment

Make DNS more reliable through Any Cast Deployment. With Any Cast, multiple nodes are configured to accept traffic on single IP address. Any cast is a network addressing and routing methodology in which datagrams from a single sender are routed to the topologically nearest node in a group of potential receivers, though it may be sent to several nodes, all identified by the same destination address. This triggers network performance, slashing down time to load the website.

DNS Load Balancing

Get speedy responses from servers with a robust DNS load balancing that configures a domain in the Domain Name System (DNS) such that client requests to the domain are distributed across a group of server machines. Domains correspond to a website, a mail system, a print server, or another service that is made accessible via the Internet. This reduces the load on the server and the server responds promptly.

DDoS Protection

Get speed with security. Basically, a distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) is where the attack source is more than one, often thousands of, unique IP addresses. It is analogous to a group of people crowding the entry door or gate to a shop or business not allowing legitimate users enter, disrupting normal operations. Get gDNS protection for your web servers against flooding of DNS requests and DNS amplification attacks.


Build redundancy for critical components of the system essentially in the form of a backup, increasing reliability of the system. Replicate database across POP servers, enabling quicker reach to the nearest location. With gDNS, save time to resolve requests on your website.

Faster Reach on a Secure Cloud Architecture

Improved Performance

Reduce look up times & improve business performance. gDNS automatically routes traffic to the nearest available server on the network.

Increased Reliability

Reduce possibilities of a downtime considerably, as there is not a single point of failure, enabling improved HA of website for your users.

Enhanced Security

Mitigate DDoS attacks, minimizing lookup latency. Get 100% failover capabilities, resulting greater uptime without any rise in hosting bills.

Faster Connection

Connect to your website faster with geographically diverse network that connects users to site through closest server.

Fast DNS response

Reduce latency, while gDNS servers at the nearest location execute prompt resolutions of requests made on the servers.

Easy Management

Manage domains, control record sets by adding/ deleting, modifying as required. Get user-friendly management control on a robust platform.

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