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AI Enabled Chatbot Platform

ESDS EnlightBot The Specialist Chatbot Platform

ESDS launches EnlightBot, its much awaited Artificial Intelligence [AI] enabled Virtual Specialist Chatbot Platform. It is an intelligent virtual agent that helps your customers 24x7 by assisting them on product and services. The Chatbot commits high standards and zero-errors as well as reduces inquiries reaching your phone or email by learning to respond to all common service questions.

EnlightBot is designed to support any Industry. Banks, Insurance, Education, Hospitality, eCommerce, Government, Healthcare, Smart City initiatives are rapidly increasing their technological capabilities and Chatbots are playing a key role in their success.

Business functions like Customer Services, Sales & Marketing, Order Processing, HR functions, Payments and Billing, Technical support, troubleshooting and off-hour resolution with results of up to 80% reduction in phone calls and emails are almost managed by Chatbots now. They can manage upto 90% of these functions without any human intervention.

EnlightBot is a multi-lingual Chatbot Platform that can be trained to converse with your customers in any of the National or International languages of your choice.

ESDS EnlightBot makes its First Impact with BFSI Sector

Our Intelligent Chatbot, powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI)dramatically improves the conversational experience, allowing a far more natural conversation between the Chatbot and the end user in banking. Instead of the end user having to learn a fixed set of keywords that the Chatbot will respond to, an Intelligent Chatbot is able to understand the user’s intention however it is expressed and responds accordingly. EnlightBot ensures your users keep engaging and coming back to your service.

By using AI and Natural Language Processing (NLP) powered by Neural Networks and Machine Learning.

EnlightBot can accurately detect what the user is trying to achieve (their intent) and respond appropriately with information or results of transactions from API connections to any of your back-end enterprise applications and information sources. EnlightBot can be deployed on both B2B and B2C models and comes with retrospective administration comprising of detailed dashboards and Chatbot effectiveness review.

Key Benefits apart from instant ROI

  • Increase End-user Satisfaction
  • Provide Self Service to end-customers
  • Assist in easy KYC and Customer On Boarding
  • Offer Personalized Banking Service and Assistance
  • Identify cross-selling and up-selling product and services
  • 24x7 customer support, with conversations stretched-out without limit
  • 3-way communication between customer, AI chatbot and Bank executive
  • Automatic reminders
  • Multiple channels
  • Save on 90% of time filing various formality forms
  • Customer expectations are changing - they are looking for conversational applications

Retrospective Administration

Dashboard and Reports

  • Topic and Sentiment Analysis
  • Demographic Profile Charts
  • Channel Usage Analysis
  • Industry Specific Insights
  • Brand Management, Reputation Management, Customer Satisfaction Assessment

Chatbot Effectiveness Review

  • Conversation Analysis: Based on analysis of Chatbot-Customer interaction, enhance content and workflow
  • Continuous Improvement for Operations, Quality and Cost

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