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ATM Card Management and Solution

Banking solutions have gone beyond just having saving and other accounts in banks to keep one’s monetary resources secure. It has now become more about the various banking services that makes one’s financial portfolio easier to handle. Automated Teller Machines are one such service that banks must comply with and provide to their customers to stay in the race of avant-garde banking. ESDS’ ATM solution combines Switch Sub membership and Switch Advantage that gives a highly cost-effective solution for banks not opting for EFT switches.

Key Benefits
  • Low cost ATM solution for rural branches of national banks and for Regional Rural Banks
  • Remote monitoring of all the terminals connected in the cluster is possible
  • Freedom to acquire ATMs of different makes for expansion
  • Connect different terminals like ATMs, Kiosks and POS in same cluster
  • Extensive transaction journals and audit logs

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Life-Support Micro ATM

Wireless Panic Switch for ATM Emergency

Securing your bank against the ever-increasing number of ATM attacks and frauds is high priority. Banking leaders do understand the need of the hour, for which they're striving to design a secure ATM system to protect banks against contingencies.

A Life-support ATM Solution is programmed to release security alerts in occurrences of fire, vibration, motion of the door; this solution empowers banks to take action instantly.

The Micro ATM system is powered with a life-support wireless panic switch, for emergency use by the ATM Security Guard and is also integrated with biometric system to record the attendance of the ATM Guard.

How to Use the Wireless Micro ATM
  • Beneficiary simply registers thumb in the Micro ATM device
  • The device generates receipt containing account information, which is verified by the business correspondent for issuing money

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ATM Solution

ESDS card solution takes care of all your card automation needs like instant card issuance and activation, PIN generation and PIN entry, printing, embossing, encoding done in multi-color and issuance of card at branch level among other things.

Key Benefits
  • Tremendous reduction in logistic related expenses by avoiding the need of mailing Card and PIN
  • Increased customer satisfaction
  • Easy handling of loss-of-cards and credit enhancements
Other Services
  • POS Switch
  • Kiosk and Lobby Services

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