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ESDS data center

How rapidly is the Data Center market growing?

In the fast-growing market, where data is constantly increasing, there is a need for secure data storage. ESDS launched its first Data Center in India in the year 2010. How big was the Data Center market then, and how big is it now? This market was less than Rs.1000Cr in 2010, which is now more than Rs.20,000Cr, and expected to cross Rs.50k Cr in 2027. So, would you go with any random Commercial Data Center or a trustworthy and highly secure Data Center where you can Co-locate your Private Cloud infrastructure with complete peace of mind?

Our Data Center experts shall be happy to enlighten you with our knowledge in this field.
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ESDS data center
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ESDS data center
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ESDS data center
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ESDS data center
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ESDS data center
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Why are ESDS Data Centers the most secure DCs in India?

Data security affects 76% of on-premise data centers; if that is the case, is a commercial Data Center safe for your business?

We implement controls, build automated systems, and submit to the most trusted third-party audits to ensure security and compliance. Most of India's stringently regulated enterprises, banks, and government agencies rely on ESDS data centers. We secure the data of millions of active monthly users through 7 layers of security infrastructure facilities. Some of India’s most valuable organizations trust ESDS; the Banks, Government departments, and Enterprises may be reluctant for their people, but they believe in the Fully Managed Data Center Co-location service of ESDS

ESDS's Network security infrastructure includes the security tools used in the Data Center to enforce security policies

ESDS Security Infrastructure includes
  • Perimeter Defense - Hardware Firewalls
  • Client-specific virtual/hardware firewalls
  • SNORT IDS/IPS for multiple check levels of security
  • ISP-level DDoS mitigation at the DC level
  • Web Application Firewalls (WAFs) for application-level attacks
  • IP SLA and Netflow monitoring, alerts, reports, application monitoring, Change Management System, and Incident Management System with DCIM tool.
  • SIEM/Log Monitoring
  • Vulnerability scan for Websites with VTMScan
  • IP whitelisting for Client Portal
ESDS data center

How Do Our Data Centers Work For You?

We know that every organization, big or small, has different demands and ambitions regarding Data Center infrastructure. Therefore, we offer a customized solution for you within the timelines. Whether you need 4KVA power per rack or 32KW power per rack, it doesn't matter; ESDS delivers anything and everything without compromising the security of our Electrical or Network Infrastructure. The skills of our Engineering team are unparalleled. We've designed Data Centers for World's most challenging projects. The $1.5 Trillion NEOM Smart city is a good example we can share with you.

Data Center Facility
  • N+N redundant UPS for elevated uptime
  • Automated multiple redundant diesel generators for power backup
  • Dual power PDU in each rack
  • Power racks ranging from 4KW to 32KW
  • Data Center suite available in a range of 2000 sq. ft., 4000 sq. ft., and up to 20,000 sq. ft. for managed / unmanaged colocation services
  • Metered PDU for rack-level power monitoring and billing
ESDS data center

ESDS data center
Redundant Air Conditioned DC Environment
  • N+N precision air conditioners to maintain 20+/-1°C temperature and 50+/-5% relative humidity
  • Cold aisle containments implemented in two rows, with containments fabricated in robust aluminum frames & acrylic sheets
  • Use of vermiculite material for green solution Data Center
  • Use of energy-efficient servers

Fire-Protected Facility
  • The highly advanced laser-based very early warning aspirating smoke detection system (VESDA) and addressable smoke detection system sense the presence of fire in the protected facility
  • Auto-shutdown of air handlers and power from the protected environment after the detection of a faulty agent in the environment
  • FM200 fire suppression system reaches extinguishing levels in 10 seconds or less, stopping ordinary combustion. It is delivered to distribution nozzles through a system-piping network occupying the whole Data Center area, false floor void, room void & ceiling void
ESDS data center

Enjoy all the benefits of the most secure Data Center!

What Do We Guarantee?

A Secure Storage Facility
Well Structured Cabling
Completely Secured Caging
BMS Access Facility
24X7 Surveillance
Customizable Fit outs
Special Rack Cabinets
DC At Fiber Landing Stations
Flexible Contracting
Limitless Scalability
24x7 Cloud Infra monitoring and managed service
Flexible pay-per-use and pay-per-consumption billing model
Flexible deployment compute slab & models
Flexible deployment compute slab & models
99.995% Cloud infrastructure uptime guarantee
50% less usage costs than our global Cloud competitors

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