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eNlight Meet

Leverage a Personalized, Scalable and Secure Video Conferencing Solution with eNlight Meet

A secure and reliable video conferencing solution that allows seamless communication taking place over the audio and video channels. eNlight Meet is user-friendly and highly available for communications taking place between teammates, classroom environments and all those places where real communications take place between individuals located remotely.

Key Features of Meet

Fast Schedule Meeting

Quickly schedule your meetings by creating meeting rooms. A simple URL begins the meeting and participants can be invited through meeting URL/invites

Secured Meeting Room

All interactions taking place on Meet are highly secured at different levels. Backed by end-to-end encryption for making communication encrypted

Flexible Room Size

Meet offers flexible and scalable meeting rooms that can accommodate upto 75-100 participants in a single meeting room

100% Privacy

With Meet, ensure maximum security of your meetings that come with several layers of data encryption to ensure only authorized users attend the meeting

Platform Independent

eNlight Meet does not require any additional application installed on the local system, and meetings can be directly hosted on a web browser.

Your Security Matters

Active Directory lntegrations

eNlight Meet can be customized to work with the active directories.

Encrypted Meetings

lt uses hop-by-hop encryption, stopping a non-authenticated user from entering an ongoing meeting.

Password Protected Meetings

Meeting hosted on eNlight Meet can be password protected.

Personalized Solution

Considering the needs of multiple organizations, eNlight Meet can be configured to address the organizational needs and hierarchy. eNlight Meet can be integrated with the active local directory, allowing only authorized users from the organization to use these services. It can be further modified within its scope by adding new features.

Auto-Scalable Solution

eNlight Meet can automatically scale the hardware resources as per the incoming load. The infrastructure scales up and down itself to ensure that the meeting runs smoothly without any hurdles.

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