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ESDS eNlight 360°

Next Generation on-premise Hybrid Cloud Solution

eNlight 360°

Enterprises are increasingly choosing Hybrid Cloud deployments for diversified projects because they demand flexibility and scalability for their business operations by staying agile. However, to experience increased efficiency, CIOs and CTOs require an orchestration tool to systematize interactions within Private and Public Cloud deployments. Without such a tool, achieving a cohesive workflow is difficult because simplifying end-to-end automation then becomes unimaginable. eNlight 360° is a spectacular software that automates services of multiple types of Cloud deployments through a full-blown Hybrid Orchestration layer. This constructs optimized workflows, allows a deeper look at IT components and offers tremendous control and cost-savings.

Just like manually collaborating the tasks of Public and Private Clouds is unsystematic, managing data center components manually is equally disorganized. Data center administrators require a tool to manage virtual and physical assets in a data center and with eNlight 360°; they get that too. Our eMagic is a Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) tool that gives CTOs the ability to efficiently steer data center operations by planning and designing data center infrastructure. Now managing and monitoring IT assets is easier than ever to keep track of performance, usage, storage and other similar parameters. eNlight 360°’s capabilities don’t end here. Distinct and highly secure ESDS VTMScan, is integrated in eNlight 360° that intelligently scans websites and detects online vulnerabilities, threats and malware to safeguard a user’s online prestige.

Multi-dimensional Scaling

Optimum utilization of IT resources for flexible workloads through Patented Scaling Technology

Multi-Hypervisor Support

Third-party hypervisor support which can be seamlessly managed through a single interface

Unified Solution

All-in-one solution which consist of a cloud orchestration layer, data center monitoring tool & a website security scanner

Containerized Modular Architecture

eNlight 360° is based on Containerized Modular Architecture which enables efficient utilization of Cloudified infrastructure

How eNlight 360° can be Beneficial

Innovative Cloud orchestration layer

Geo-diverse management of remote data centers

High cost savings with optimum utilization of IT resources

Complete data center monitoring through single pane dashboard

Web-based dashboard for remote data center management

Proactive monitoring of entire IT ecosystem

Acknowledgement, Deployment and Management of Resources in unequivocal way by eNlight 360°

eNlight 360° is an On premise Cloud Computing implementation solution that ensures greater degree performance and auto scalability of virtualization with end-to-end Provisioning and Monitoring of IT Infrastructure through a single UI. With the patented auto-vertical scaling technology US (Patent No US 9176788) and UK (Patent No. : GB2493812) of CPU, RAM, Bandwidth and any such resources, eNlight 360° ensures the efficient utilization of IT Infrastructure.

Infrastructure as a Service (IAAS)

Virtual Machines

eNlight provides the tools and technologies to abstract the underlying Compute infrastructure in an easy and standardized consumption model.

Virtual Machines are an essential part of a Cloud infrastructure. These Virtual Machines can be bare minimum operating systems or full-fledged application containers.

Storage Services

eNlight provides the tools and technologies to abstract the underlying Storage infrastructure in an easy and standardized consumption model.

It enables Object storage & Block storage. Virtual Machines can fetch on demand storage to store data.

Network Services

eNlight provides the tools and technologies to abstract the underlying Network infrastructure in an easy and standardized consumption model.

Network Management is possible via eNlight 360°. It provides thorough insights of the Datacenter networks and allows easy management of VLANs and virtual switches.

Auto Scaling VMs (Patented)

Vertical Scaling

Vertical scaling is a patented (US 9176788) and unique feature of eNlight Cloud orchestration software. eNlight automatically scales virtual machine resources on the fly. The resources of a virtual machine are scaled between the minimum and maximum resources assigned to it in proportion to load over it. This is done by an intelligent algorithm that monitors its resources and scales them up or down accordingly. This helps in cutting down the cloud expenses while providing consistent performance to users. This makes eNlight a cost effective and one of its kind Cloud Orchestration software.

Horizontal Scaling

Horizontal Scaling is the conventional scaling methodology which is based on load balancing. eNlight 360° also provides horizontal scaling based on software defined load balancing , with which virtual machines automatically scale out or scale in depending upon workloads.

Cloud Burst

Cloud Burst is a new dimension in Cloud Technology, that guarantees seamless scaling capabilities between your Private and Public cloud. With Cloud burst and ESDS' eNlight Enterprise Cloud, you can achieve extraordinary scaling benefits when resources in your own Private cloud are scarce, and avail the almost infinite scalability for your virtual infrastructure.

Managed Infrastructure


Managing bare metal servers, Network Switches or SAN Storages might be cumbersome without tools while aspiring for better business outcomes. Physical infrastructure can be easily inventorized with proper inventory management.

You can leverage managed support engineers, who are experienced at managing and deploying hardware components of the cloud. Our experts will connect to your infrastructure on your consents only, and provide a helping hand at any point in your cloud journey.

Multi Hypervisor (Virtual)

Heterogeneous hypervisor environment creates complexities and might create critical issues but with our hypervisor certified cloud administrators you don't have to worry about any hypervisor related issue that might occur in your cloud. We have trained and skilled admins who are well versed with the ups and downs that arise while working with multiple hypervisors.

24/7 Support

ESDS has a team of experts who work 24 x 7, 365 days, just to be there when you face any issue. We are there for you anytime so that you have that peace of mind!

Business Process


Organizations have a hierarchical structure and, you might have already configured an authentication mechanism in the leading LDAP or AD. eNlight 360° helps you import your already existing user base and maintain that same hierarchy in your cloud.

With this you do not need to manually create user accounts per employee, and you are free from that tedious task by just importing your LDAP or AD DB into eNlight 360°


Being organized is great, and having a proper process helps manageability. With workflow, you can create and manage access restrictions / approval rules that match your organizational hierarchical structure. Set rules per user, to allow / deny / approve, any operation executed in your cloud. Now your CIO will be extremely happy!


Ever thought of automating your tasks while you're asleep in your bed at night? With scheduling, schedule and automate any executable task in your cloud while you are in deep sleep. You can, not only automate one task, but a whole job sequences that affects every alternate task. Cloud operations automation in few clicks!


Resources are better utilized when they can be distributed properly among consumers. With quota management, you can set resources limits for every user in your cloud. This adds great value to your cloud resource management. Giving you more control over your infrastructure.

Quota management and workflow give the management people the same virtual control as they expect in reality.

IP Management

eNlight 360° enables you to perform organization-wide IP management with flexibility to have Pools like External Public, Internal Public, Internal Private. It supports IP accounting as well as auto assignment to Virtual Machines.

Geo diverse DC monitoring


eNlight 360° is well versed with SNMP based monitoring which can monitor your Physical & Virtual Infrastructure. Physical infrastructure not only limits to Servers but also Network, Storages, UPS, Cameras and any other IT component.

Alerts & Notifications

eNlight 360° is a highly scalable platform capable of collecting the unstructured data from all the different make and models of IT Infrastructure assets, activities and processes.

Various types of monitoring possible through eNlight 360° are Device Monitoring, Storage Monitoring, Application Monitoring, Netflow Monitoring and Sys-log Monitoring.


ITIL-based change management facilitate the organizations to track the changes in more standardized way. Various ITIL standard Change Management workflows are readily available in eNlight 360° to make it more user-friendly. Users can define\set the approvals\escalation levels as per need.


Syslog server collects all the logs from all the virtual and Physical devices. These logs are analyzed using co-relation engine for any alerts. The Output is then produced in the format of various real-time reports on the dashboards. File Integrity check is performed along with User Activity Monitoring. Logs are retained for certain time span for the records.


This analyzes the real-time Inbound and Outbound router traffic. Provides various reports regarding the traffic related to Applications, IPs and Conversations. Users can search for any specific component with the help of dynamic search option available within the module.


The software suit can be further extended to provide end to end security for your datacenter. This can be integrated to various Intrusion Detection System and Alarms coming from this can be sent to Intrusion Prevention System to stop the attacks.

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