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How efficiently and cost effectively are you optimizing your IT assets?

Today’s Data Center Infrastructure Management is a complex beast. Therefore, infrastructure management solutions that assist with performance monitoring of your IT assets are crucial to reducing outages and increasing response times. Regardless of how big or small, remote or centralized organization’s data center operations are, they need visibility, control, and planning tools for efficient Data center infrastructure management and monitoring, and cloud orchestration.

Elevate your IT infrastructure management with the best Data Center Monitoring Software

eNlight 360° is a powerful DCIM tool that efficiently steers data center operations by planning and designing data center infrastructure. It is a great observability tool that enables managing and monitoring your IT assets more effortlessly than ever to keep track of performance, usage, infrastructure health check, and other parameters. eNlight 360° ensures greater degree performance and auto scalability of virtualization with end-to-end provisioning and monitoring of your IT Infrastructure through a single UI.

But here's the real game-changer: eNlight 360° is patented auto-vertical scaling technology (US Patent No.: US 9176788, UK Patent No.: GB2493812, India Patent No.: 397708) for CPU, RAM, Bandwidth, and more! This means you can say goodbye to manual adjustments and hello to a dynamically optimized infrastructure that adapts to your needs automatically.


How eNlight 360° DC Management solution will benefit your business?

Imagine a library with numerous books and a librarian who manages the library. The librarian's role is to organize the books, keep track of their availability, and ensure a smooth experience for library visitors.

Now, think of eNlight 360° as a digital tool that plays the role of a librarian for your IT infrastructure, just like the librarian in the library. It helps in managing and monitoring all the resources and components of your IT infrastructure, ensuring they are organized and functioning optimally.

In the library, the librarian keeps a record of all the books, their locations, and their availability. Similarly, eNlight 360° keeps track of your IT assets, such as servers, network devices, and applications. It provides you with a single dashboard where you can easily monitor the performance and health of these assets, making it easier for you to identify any issues and take appropriate actions.

Imagine if the library did not have a librarian to manage it? Books would be misplaced, it would be difficult to find the book you need, and the overall library experience would be chaotic. Similarly, without a tool like eNlight 360° to manage your IT infrastructure, it would be challenging to keep track of resources, monitor performance, and respond to issues efficiently.

Additionally, just as the librarian in the library ensures a smooth borrowing and returning process for library visitors, eNlight 360° helps optimize your IT resources. It ensures that the right amount of computing power, storage, and network bandwidth is allocated to different applications and services based on their needs. This optimization helps in avoiding resource wastage and reducing costs.

eNlight 360° modules for complete infrastructure monitoring & management


eNlight 360° facilitates cloud orchestration that automates services of multiple types of cloud deployments through a full-blown hybrid orchestration layer. With eNlight 360° you will have optimized workflows, a deeper look at IT components, manage connections and operations of workloads on Private Cloud and Public Cloud whilst tremendous control.

The Cloud Orchestration modules looks after Multi Hypervisor – Hyper-V, VMware etc., Dynamic Scalability – Vertical, Horizontal, VM Lifecycle Management, Workflow Management – JOBs

In response to increasing connectivity demands, data center operators have had to rapidly scale and do more with less. Managers are constantly challenged to balance business growth with resource constraints. Data centers must be managed efficiently to reduce downtime risk while keeping OpEx low. For a complex and dynamic data center, operational solutions that enable quick reaction are essential.

The eNlight 360° Module serves as a tool for data center management and monitoring. eNlight 360° is an outcome-driven, agentless DCIM tool that provides a single point of accountability for data center management and monitoring. The DCM module transforms information technology (IT) and operational technology (OT) data into insights, helping operations leaders maximize uptime, build resilience, and increase energy efficiency for their data centers – all of which are business imperatives as the demand for cloud computing grows throughout the world.

IT infrastructure monitoring collects analysis metrics pertaining to the hardware and base-level software of the IT environment. IT monitoring establishes a benchmark for the optimal performance of physical systems, making it easier to optimize and minimize downtime and allowing IT staff to identify breakdowns like overheating servers. Server and system monitoring assess and analyzes parameters like performance, security, and server uptime.

A fantastic method to troubleshoot issues and identify pain points in your environment is to delve deep into your network environment. You need as much information as you can get in order to perform this correctly. The NetFlow monitoring module of eNlight 360° DCIM tool collects NetFlow packets or other supported flows exported from enterprise routers and switches, resulting in network traffic reports that assist in traffic analysis and bandwidth monitoring by explaining the nature of network traffic and bandwidth utilization

Administrators must analyze system messages sent by network devices via Syslog. Maintaining an overview of this process requires the right monitoring tool. It is only then that organizations will be able to spot and fix loopholes and errors as soon as possible. Syslog Analyzer, a tool included in eNlight 360° -DCIM, makes monitoring and analyzing system logs easier than ever.

Most businesses rely heavily on databases to run their operations. As applications become more complex and infrastructures become more diverse, IT infrastructures are becoming more complex as well. Database monitoring that offers quick, precise problem resolution is essential for IT to diagnose issues with complex applications running across heterogeneous infrastructures before they have an impact on end users. The Database and Application Monitoring module of eNlight 360°- DCIM tool allows Database and Application monitoring across Oracle, MySQL, MS-SQL, Jboss, TomCat, Apache, IIS, AD, and Exchange server monitoring.

Additionally, it makes it possible to monitor application performance and get full access into both your IT stack and your application. Organizations may monitor mission-critical transactions, track faults across microservices, and comprehend the effects of external components on application performance with the help of the eNlight 360°- DCIM tool.

Get a data center monitoring tool that offers FLEXIBLE DEPLOYMENT & PRICING for your businesses of any size

Transform your data center monitoring and cloud orchestration with eNlight 360°'s comprehensive Observability solution. Embrace a new era of advanced features and benefits, all available at an affordable price.

Explore the extensive range of valuable offerings of eNlight 360° which include:

  • Convergence Orchestration & IT Monitoring
  • Multi-Dimensional Auto-Scaling
  • Multi Hypervisor Support
  • Database Performance Monitoring
  • IAM Enhancement
  • Remote Console Access
  • Show back and Chargeback
  • Application Performance Observability
  • Elaborated Reports
  • VM Lifecycle Management
  • Management of Multiple Datacenters
  • IP Address Management Service
  • Segregation of Cloud and Monitoring App
  • Enhanced Quota Service
  • On-Demand Resource Provisioning
  • Rack View of the Datacenters

Here's how eNlight 360° Infrastructure Monitoring Software helps your business

ESDS data center
Web-based dashboard for remote Data Center management
ESDS data center
Geo-diverse management of remote Data Centers
ESDS data center
High-cost savings with optimum utilization of IT resources
ESDS data center
Complete Data Center monitoring through single pane dashboard
ESDS data center
Innovative Cloud
orchestration layer

A national-level Apex Advisory Body is leveraging ESDS eNlight 360° to monitor and evaluate its IT activities. Here is what they achieved


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A national-level Apex Advisory Body is leveraging ESDS eNlight 360° to monitor and evaluate its IT activities.
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One of the is largest private sector banks leveraging ESDS eNlight 360° to monitor their core database.
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The ministry uses a eNlight 360° in effectively delivering online services for the corporate framework of India
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Why Trust eNlight 360° for Your infrastructure Management and Monitoring?

  • Multi-dimensional Scaling: Optimum utilization of IT resources for flexible workloads through Patented Scaling Technology
  • Multi-Hypervisor Support: Third-party hypervisor support which can be seamlessly managed through a single interface
  • Unified Solution: All-in-one solution which consists of a cloud orchestration layer, and data center monitoring tool
  • Containerized Modular Architecture: eNlight 360°- DCIM tool is based on Containerized Modular Architecture which enables efficient utilization of Cloudified infrastructure

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