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One of the is largest private sector banks leveraging ESDS eNlight 360 to monitor their core database.



One of the largest private sector scheduled commercial banks in India, amongst the new generation banks that received the scheduled commercial bank license from the bank regulator, Reserve Bank of India

The Challenge

The bank had a heavy load to manage its on premise IT infrastructure and applications running on its systems. Having a robust IT management tool was very important and having control over their operations was the need of the hour.

The Solution

As of today, as many as 1200 + devices are being monitored and managed by ESDS. A comprehensive eNlight 3600 suite was deployed, and the bank was extensively dependent on this tool for monitoring its core database. Currently, more than 150 DB instances are being monitored through the tool.

The Benefit

A heavy load was shed off from the back as 1200+ devices were being monitored by ESDS, which meant that they were able to react much faster with proactive server alerts and monitoring. Database availability and database performance were key to the bank's operations, and ESDS ensured their core database was in safe hands.


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