Secure Your Web Application against Threat

Safeguard your Enterprise Apps on iNtelligent eNlight WAF

There are indefinite possibilities of vulnerabilities lurking in your web application, for which enterprises need to build robust security at multiple levels of IT infrastructure.

eNlight WAF is a web application firewall that protects your web application from common web threats by making your application secure and always available. eNlight WAF is an intelligent Cloud Hosted Web Application Firewall which detects vulnerabilities and possible attacks on the application, allows you to create custom rules for blocking web attacks and ensures that your website continues to load fast. With eNlight WAF, you pay as you go. Billing is done on your eNlight Cloud VM resource usage.

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Prevent disclosure of Sensitive Information. Prevent Illegitimate users from accessing website.



Blocks Attacks on Web Application Vulnerabilities. Detects request parameters violations.



Filters traffic to give Web accessibility. Restricts IP / Subnet for accessing website.



Monitors attacks in real time. Notifies with detailed statistics of requests, attackers and server error responses in real time.

Web application security powered by eNlight cloud


Auto Scalability

eNlight WAF supports eNlight, our patented, intelligent auto vertical and horizontal scaling Cloud platform. You can add more apps and scale vertically or horizontally. WAF scales automatically as your app scales.


Auto Protection

Auto protection makes sure you are protected against top 10 Vulnerabilities stated by OWASP. Add IP or subnet to allow or deny access to your website. Add IP or subnet to Allow or Deny access to your website


Easy to Deploy and Use

No need to buy any hardware appliance or make any changes your application code. Just point your website to eNlight WAF IP and get started.


Cost effective & Pay-as-you-grow

Pay only for resources scaled on your WAF. Save wisely by eliminating additional costs for unused resources.


Protection against browser based hacks

Terminate SSL connections with minimum overhead or additional latency. Apply your WAF policy to SSL connections.


Incident Monitoring

Monitor attack incidents by attackers on your website. Blacklist attackers.

  1. securitySecurity as a service
  2. waf for all organisationsWell-suited for Organizations of all sizes (Enterprises, SMBs, Midmarket)
  3. prevents ddosPrevents Traffic Flooding / DDoS
  4. traffic filterPrevents Application Attacks by filtering traffic
  5. protection from data leakageStops Data Leakage of sensitive information
  6. ease of deploymentEasy to deploy and support than network-based (hardware) WAF
  7. high availability supportHigh Availability Support
  8. dedicated research teamDedicated Research Team to monitor accuracy of web application security
enlight waf architecture

eNlight WAF scans website traffic and automatically filters legitimate traffic based on the rule sets.

eNlight WAF sends a custom response code and message when an attack incident is detected. It records all attack incidents.

enlight waf architecture
eNlight WAF is a web application firewall that shields web applications from attacks by permitting you to configure rules that allow, deny web requests based on conditions that you characterize. These conditions incorporate IP Control, SQL injection, cross-site scripting, directory traversal, flooding etc.
Yes, as eNlight WAF is cloud hosted WAF, it can protect any website hosted on eNlight Cloud as well as any hosting provider across the globe.
As eNlight WAF receives requests for your web sites, it applies inspection against your rules. Once a web request meets a condition defined in your rule configurations, eNlight WAF either block or allow the request based on the settings you define.
eNlight WAF helps to protect your website from various attack techniques like SQL injection, Cross-Site Scripting (XSS), Directory Traversal. In addition, you can create rules for access control, request parameters, flooding etc.
eNlight WAF is a cloud-based solution that detects and prevents web application attacks. So that it is easy to deploy and does not require to change application code.
No, eNlight WAF scans the web traffic with minimal overhead or latency while serving the website.
On eNlight WAF dashboard, under ‘Manage’ section you need to add a website with hostname, website IP, website port, WAF port and if secured connection then requires SSL PEM file with Key and Certificate. Then need to change ‘A’ Address in DNS pointing to WAF IP. After that your website is ready on eNlight WAF.
In a few seconds eNlight WAF applies new rules to your website. You can easily manage website security rules with minimal activation time.
eNlight WAF events are under ‘Incidents’ section on WAF dashboard. You can view attacker IP, attacked website, URL and malicious payloads.
eNlight WAF offloads HTTPS traffic with minimal overhead using SSL key at WAF and inspects SSL traffic. Also encrypts data to transfer over SSL to web server after decrypting and scanning.
eNlight WAF gives you control of no of connections, connections per IP, URL length, request size etc. also provides flooding setting to prevent DDOS mitigation.
Any eNlight WAF customer has access to WAF dashboard and under 'Settings' section all security settings are available for websites on WAF.

Firewall Settings

eNlight WAF allows website admin to set various website security settings.

Connections Total
Maximum URL Length
Maximum Upload size
Time For Request
Ban on max request size
Reban During Ban
Ban on Directory Traversal
Max Server Load
Connections Per IP
Maximum Request Size
Maximum Keep Alive
Ban on Max Per IP
Kick on Ban
Ban On Flooding
Thread Pool Size
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