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eNlight WAF

Fight Common Web Threats With Robust and Comprehensive ESDS eNlight WAF

How Can ESDS eNlight WAF help?

There are indefinite possibilities of vulnerabilities lurking in your web applications for which enterprises need to build robust security at multiple levels of IT infrastructure.

ESDS eNlight WAF is a specially engineered intelligent Cloud Hosted Web Application Firewall that allows you to filter incoming and outgoing web traffic and block threats like injection, cross site scripting and other attacks of the OWASP Top10.

It also allows the user to create custom rules for blocking web attacks. The illegitimate traffic gets block automatically by the eNlight WAF when anomaly threshold reaches and the custom response is sent to the attacker.

ESDS eNlight WAF protects your website from the OWASP Top 10 vulnerabilities

Intuitive dashboard and rich reports & graphs provide useful information and in-depth view of WAF cluster

ESDS eNlight WAF offers Pay-As-You-Grow model and charges only for the resources used

Get optimum website security with our enterprise-class DDoS protection network

Web application security powered by eNlight cloud

Virtual Patching

Upload a vulnerability scanner report and ESDS eNlight WAF will automatically generate the rules to correct the identified vulnerabilities.

Machine Learning

Based on mathematical algorithms, ESDS eNlight WAF proposes an approach for learning and modeling of typical traffic and detection of "abnormal" requests.

Load Distribution

With HA-Proxy, ESDS eNlight WAF distributes incoming traffic to all nodes in a cluster and then dispatch the traffic to a farm of web servers.

Anomaly Detection

ESDS eNlight WAF integrates anomaly detection algorithms to allow the administrator to identify risky behaviors and create effective filtering policies.

Secure Applications and Websites

Add multiple applications and websites with custom configuration. With a simple dashboard, configure and manage all your web assets easily.

Custom Ruleset

ESDS eNlight WAF gives a user the possibility to edit security rules. Create and edit whitelist and blacklist rules for optimum security.

Auto Scalability

ESDS eNlight WAF supports ESDS eNlight Cloud, our patented Auto Vertical and Horizontally scalable cloud platform, which scales applications depending on demand.

Auto Protection

By default auto protection protects a website against OWASP Top 10 Vulnerabilities. Add IP or subnet to allow or deny access to a website.

Cost Effective

There is absolutely no need to buy any expensive hardware appliance or make any changes in an application code.

Protection Against Browser Hacking

Terminate SSL connections with minimum overhead or additional latency. Apply WAF policies to SSL connections.

Threat intelligence

Blazing fast log storing and processingusing rsyslog, elasticsearch.Easily export logs to remote syslog servers.
Get yourWAF integrated with SIEMfor threat intelligence. Faster threat log searching and reporting with elasticsearch integration.

Firewall Settings

eNlight WAF allows website admin to set various website security settings.

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