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ESDS Billing Policy

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ESDS Billing Policy

1. Payment Methods: ESDS accepts payment via below mentioned ways.

  • EBS
  • Moneybookers
  • Cheques
  • EBS
  • Moneybookers
  • Cheques

2. Bank Payments: For Bank Payments, we request you to submit your bank payment receipt from ESDS client area or email us at billing_id. This would help us to locate your payments without any further delay. In an event of non-realization of Cheque / Cheque bounced, penalty of INR 250/- will be imposed to the invoice.

3. Billing Information: In case of any change in the contact details, billing cycle, account owner details or service upgrade/downgrade of your account, we request you to kindly raise request from ESDS Client Portal as per guidelines given below.

  • In case of any change in Company name, client needs to send an application on letter head, with Company name details, PAN number, Registration number, Stamp & sign.
  • Addon products/extra services are as per Terms of Services and would be chargeable as applicable.
  • In case of any Billing Change / Upgrade / Downgrade of services, client is requested to raise a request before due date to allow ESDS billing team to issue prorate credit on basic amount of service Invoice.

4. Billing Cycles: We accept Monthly, Quarterly, Semi-annual, Annual & Bi-Annual payment terms for Web Hosting / Cloud / Colocation services as per Contract Terms of Service specified in Purchase Order. SSL Certificate & Domain registration is available only on Annual Basis or Bi-annual payment terms as applicable.

All Invoices are generated on 1st of every month & orders received in middle of the month will result in prorated invoice till end of month & standard billing cycle will be followed from following month.

After the invoice is generated based on agreed billing cycle, the Invoice copy is sent to client on registered email ID on the service renewal date. As per standard procedure, system generated reminders email is sent on registered email 3 days & 2 days prior to due date. All queries related to invoice are expected to be raised by client before the due date.

Note: No amendments/ queries would be entertained after Invoice Due Date.

5. Domain Renewals: Client needs to contact ESDS for the renewal on or before the renewal date. If the domain expires, ESDS will renew the domain for you however, if domain has already been pushed into redemption period, client needs to pay one time redemption fees + renewal charges to retain the domain.

6. Service Renewals: ESDS Services are auto renewed as per existing Payment Term unless specified otherwise by the client in writing to ESDS or as per existing Contract Terms of Service.

7. Refunds: We provide 30 days money back guarantee to our new clients for their first order only within which the client has to create a request or email us at [email protected] informing about the reason for the cancellation with evidence. The refund will only be processed after verification of evidence provided by concerned department, however the refund does not cover the below mentioned packages

  • SSL Certificates

  • Dedicated Servers

  • Control Panel Fees

  • Dedicated IP

  • Any other Add-on Services as applicable.

  • Domain Registrations/Domain Transfers/Domain Renewals.

  • Third party software licenses

Prorated refund would be processed if cancelation request is received within 7 days from due date. After verification & approval for refund from concerned department, It might take up to 10 working days to receive refund.

In case of any charge backs or disputes, immediate suspension will take place for the respective account. For Charge backs, ESDS has full right to terminate the services and no backup would be provided. Charge backs are not related to Refunds & ESDS will charge INR 500/- as a Penalty for any Charge Backs.

8. Compensation: Compensation is given only when services guaranteed on our website or as per Terms of Service specified explicitly are not met by ESDS. Also, compensation amount would be decided by ESDS Billing department with mutual discussion with client as needed. The amount will not be more than one month’s service fee paid by the client.

9. Account Verification: All Online Orders are filtered through a strict fraud detection process. Our verification department cross checks all the information provided by the client & may ask for more evidence for verification. This is done to ensure that the account owner is well aware about the order placed by him and payment is made with his consent. Client account is setup immediately once order is verified & the order proceeds for setup only after successful verification.

10. Security Violations: In case of any Security Violation, the account would be Suspended and client would be informed about the same. The account would only be activated after proper justification / evidence of the actions taken by client & submits undertaking on letter head to avoid recurrence. The evidence submitted by client, might be shared with regulatory authority or government agency on need basis.

Any account terminated due to Policy Violations, Copy-Right infringement, hosting ethics violations, complaints received from authorized legal agencies, government departments, spam deterrent agencies or any other recognized internet authority, will not be liable for refund of any charges paid for by the client. ESDS will terminate / Cancel Accounts permanently only after having evidence to substantiate the charges / violations levied.

11. Suspensions / Terminations: ESDS sends regular Payment Notification reminder emails on registered email ID for timely payment of services. In case of non-payment by invoice due date, the system automatically suspends the services and suspension notification is sent. In case of no response from client on suspension notice, ESDS has right to terminate the services on 7th day from due date & will not be liable for any backup of the services after the termination.

In case of further enquiries or clarifications, please contact the ESDS billing department on [email protected].

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