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Digital Banking / Omnichannel Banking

Blockchain Technology Solutions

Allowing two parties to implement a transaction without any intermediary, ESDS’ Blockchain Solution aids financial institutions to execute and verify transactions discreetly without any human intervention. The Blockchain architecture can considerably bring down the expenses and diminish inefficiencies in the financial sector. Involving an anonymous electronic ledger connected to the bank server, the solution records various transactions and also protects the identities of the users. With the help of cryptography, the tamper-proof permissioned ledger is shared between parties on computer servers.

Key Benefits
  • Safer money transfers
  • Accurate Record keeping
  • Reduction in transaction costs
  • Reduction inefficiencies
  • Trustworthy system
  • Transparency
  • Faster transactions

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IoT-enabled Banking Services

All the different devices that costumers use for banking services like transactions or enquiries can be connected via ESDS IoT platform where data is aggregated to be transformed into actionable insights. Using this Big Data, banks and financial institutions can offer different services or rewards to customers and add value to their banking experience thus attracting more business.

For instance, banks can analyze their footfalls vis-a-vis walk-in customers on-boarded and accordingly improvise their offerings and services. Similarly, use of ATM kiosks in different areas can be analysed with sensors and accordingly ATM installation can be increased or decreased depending on the usage.

Similarly, in agriculture sector, banks can study the farm crop output with IoT devices and accordingly provide flexibility in financial terms making their relationship with farmers stronger. IoT can also be used to predict fraud in card transactions by verifying account holders mobile or device location with that of the transaction location. And this is just the top of the IoT iceberg, ESDS IoT-enabled Banking Services can transform your bank’s future by integrating information received from IoT devices.

Key Benefits
  • Capture customer data effortlessly
  • Improve business practices
  • Cut costs and add value
  • Increase revenue opportunity by better evaluating client’s risk
  • Increase the productivity
  • Boost efficiency
  • Drive fundamental improvements in customer experiences
  • Give personalized and reliable services to customers

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Agency Banking

ESDS’ Agency Banking Application helps financial service providers reach unbanked and under-banked areas and get high volume and low value transactions flowing. The multichannel app enables agents to perform financial transactions on behalf of customers, such as deposits, withdrawals, bill payments, top-ups, transfers, remittances and even apply for financial products such as loans and insurance.

The solution is beneficial for both rural and urban metro consumers. It provides a complete Business Correspondent Management Module for bank's business correspondents or agents on the field who can use Tab Banking to assist customers in opening accounts, collecting EMIs and paying insurance premiums among other things. All the processing of the requirements is done in real time!

Key Benefits
  • Increase cross-sales
  • Shift low value, high volume transactions to agents
  • Reduce load on branches
  • Tap large inbound and outbound remittance markets
  • Expand to under-served markets
  • Scale up to different market segments
  • Serve unbanked and rural areas with low population density
  • Lower fixed cost in conducting transactions.

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Tab Banking

ESDS TabBank Solution empowers field agents to initiate customer on-boarding apart from enabling dynamic lead management while they are on the move. Besides, these agents can also perform account servicing activities from the field itself once empowered with tabs.

Important features like multiple applications on single tab, seamless configuration with external card reader and biometric reader, centralized control of tablets and other hand-held terminals, support with multiple card types, card-less transactions and authentication mechanisms and data security makes the ESDS TabBank solution a perfect fit for futuristic banking needs.

Key Benefits
  • Decrease the cycle time
  • Bring greater transparency to the collections process
  • Raise customer onboarding graph
  • Perform all banking activities on the move

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Mobile Banking

ESDS offers complete mobile banking solution for banks including account related, location based and card related services among other things that enhances the overall banking experience of a customer. The robust solution with a number of interfaces like Mobile Banking, Tablet Banking & Social Media Banking is integrated with the core banking system of the bank.

Some of the important features include Balance Inquiry, Mini Statement, Cheque Status Inquiry, Interest Rates Inquiry, Funds Transfer, 3rd Party Transfer, IMPS, Stop Cheque Request, Cheque Book Request and Deposits Request among others. ESDS banking solution will also accommodate Unified Payment Interface (UPI) that

Will allow users to transfer funds and make payments across multiple banks even without being customers. Similarly, Bharat Bill Payment Service (BBPS) will also be facilitated which will expedite recurrent payments such as utility bills through a single outlet.

Key Benefits
  • Delivers banking on all devices and platforms
  • Gives access to banking - anywhere, anytime
  • Accelerates mobile innovation
  • Delights customers with personalized experience
  • Serves all customer segments on a unified platform
  • Increases business opportunities with faster customer onboarding

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