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SAP HANA Cloud Hosting

Achieve greater business efficiency through SAP HANA on eNlight Cloud

Migrate with Expertise & All the Support your Enterprise needs

Make the move to SAP S/4 HANA on eNlight cloud. Unleash capabilities of your Enterprise SAP S/4 HANA, as you collaborate with SAP HANA experts to do everything else. Build, deploy, host, manage, monitor your HANA environment with expertise. Leverage the benefits of eNlight cloud for an auto scalable infrastructure and serious cost control with pay-per-use billing model, as you transform to HANA platform.

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SAP S/4 HANA Ecosystem, Certified by SAP

Host your HANA on certified SAP platform, adhering to all relevant compliances. ESDS is SAP Certified for Cloud and Infrastructure Services, enabling enterprises to run their systems effectively & efficiently.

SAP-APJ (SAP's Asia Pacific & Japan entity) enlists ESDS on it’s website for our S/4 HANA Managed Enterprise Hosting Services on US patented eNlight Cloud Platform.

SAP S/4 HANA Platform on eNlight, Recommended by SUSE and Red Hat

ESDS is the first Indian company to collaborate with SUSE, offering an extensive cloud computing environment, eNlight, that performs real time scaling for business-critical applications and workloads of SAP. When you run SUSE for SAP HANA, you get enterprise-level reliability and security, SUSE Linux Enterprise Server being the recommended and supported OS of choice for SAP HANA and currently running over 5800 SAP HANA installations.

SUSE teams up with ESDS to Offer Hosted Services

ESDS joined hands with Red Hat to bring together the benefits of cloud solutions to legacy applications and enterprise databases. With ESDS’ partnership with Red Hat, your enterprise gets the needed that may not otherwise reap the benefits of cloud, given the architecture of their systems. Get the advantage of automatic load sensing and scaling, pay-per-consumption metered billing, root access to enterprise databases and managed OS, database and network services by using Red Hat Enterprise Linux on patented eNlight Cloud.

Red Hat teams up with ESDS to Offer Hosted Services

Offload Your SAP HANA on eNlight - For Scale, Cost Control
Compliance and Capabilities

Develop, deploy and perform real-time analytics of your dynamic data on an infrastructure which gives you the right scale, is SAP-compliant and cost-effective. As you move your enterprise HANA on eNlight, you have the control to customize at every step, right from deployment to management, while ESDS experts are right by your side in your journey towards SAP S/4 HANA.

Leverage benefits of hosting in India’s 1st Commercial Datacenter to have an active Uptime Tier III Certificate

Fast SAP/HANA Deployment

Expedite migration to SAP HANA, as Linux and SAP Basis experts analyze your enterprise requirements and reduce the deployment period from months to a few days by providing SAP HANA on Enterprise cloud.

Auto-Scalable Infrastructure

Get auto scalability of eNlight for Non-HANA applications that require dynamic resources in your enterprise SAP landscape. Scale vertically and horizontally, on demand for uninterrupted performance.

Lower TCO, Pay-Per-Consume

Convert CAPEX into OPEX with minimal upfront investments in your HANA landscape. With pay-per-consume billing model of eNlight, pay only for the resources that are being consumed.

Low Cost HA Capabilities For Dev/QA Environment

Achieve High Availability at low cost for running Development/QA environments on ESDS’ managed auto-scalable Enterprise cloud.

Start Small & Grow-Low Entry Barrier

Lower entry barrier for SME by starting small and later scale the infrastructure with business growth in regards to user and data volume.

No Vendor Lock-in

Eliminate the need for vendor lock-in for hardware & software. Get ease of utilizing ESDS Enterprise cloud built on SAP certified x86 hardware.

Right Sizing instead of Appliance T-shirt Sizing

Eliminate the need for granular sizing of infrastructure and get right sizing for resources. Leverage the option to provision for infrastructure resources required in real time.

Exuberant Support from Certified Linux & SAP Engineers

Realize full potential of SAP HANA, as engineers perform migration of existing landscape to cloud or setup a new platform, take control of the platform and keep an ongoing track of your application and Database performance.

Complete Control &

Manage your SAP S/4 HANA Virtual machines with sophisticated control panel for complete transparency at a granular level. Work with ESDS team to customize SLA’s as per your business needs.

Get high performance, reliable and compliant cloud infrastructure for your HANA, while the TDI approach gives you full leverage to go ahead and customize HANA as per your unique business requirements.

  • Enterprise-Grade Hardware
  • Isolation at appropriate levels for High Security

  • Next Generation Security Devices for Fail proof Threat Management
  • Enterprise Storage

  • Private Communication between Zones

Leverage capabilities of SAP HANA to the fullest, as you deploy your Enterprise SAP HANA on TDI model to get flexible choices of utilizing and deploying hardware, SAP compliant hardware and OS, lower TCO and expertise of HANA professionals to build enterprise HANA ecosystem in a matter of few days.

Capabilities of SAP HANA Appliance TDI
Pre-installed and pre-configured all-in-one box solution
Fully Supported by SAP
Individual support agreements required with H/W and O/S vendors
Shorter time-to-value (Implementation Time Line)
SAP responsible for providing on-going maintenance for the solution
Reuse existing hardware of customer in datacenter
Lower cost with move flexibility of Hardware choices
Lower TCO

Data Center Level

ISP Level

Network Level

Node Level (Non- HANA)

Virtual Machine Level (Failover is For SAP Application)

Database Level (Failover is For SAP HANA Database)

Security Level

Backup Level (Multi Data Center eCOS Backup Storage Solution).

Bring Your Own Box, Get Easy Plug-in Deployment

Get HANA deployment experts to plug in your SAP HANA appliance on premise. Offload S/4 HANA with SAP Certified engineers, SAP-compliant approach, catalyzing your transformation process eventually providing with shorter time to market. Get 24/7 Exuberant support for infrastructure and administration by system experts & SAP Basis team.

Architecture Design & Consulting

Get consulting from HANA experts for your everything in your SAP, Non SAP, HANA, Non HANA. Optimize BW for SAP HANA by talking to SAP HANA performance consultants.

Implementation and Operations

Establish hardware, infrastructure supply and set ups. Operate and Manage your services on SAP HANA Infrastructure, by managing in Uptime Certified Tier III Datacenter.

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