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The Digital Transformation Catalyst

ESDS began its operations from Nashik (India) in 2005 and offer our products across diversified industries that include government ministries & companies and corporate entities across sectors such as BFSI, manufacturing, IT and ITES, telecom, real estate, pharmaceuticals, retail and education and in several countries across the APAC region, Europe, Middle East, the Americas and Africa.

Our business offerings provide a comprehensive range of solutions, which we believe provide a “one-stop- shop” for our customer’s cloud adoption, and is an important factor in customer acquisition, retention and sets us apart from our competitors. Our wide range of products include IaaS, SaaS and Managed Services.

The Business Model of ESDS can be broadly divided in two categories

Service Provider – Managed Cloud Hosting and Managed Data Center Services Products / Brand - eNlight Cloud, eNlight 360o, eMagic, VTM Scan

First company in India to introduce cloud computing, through the introduction of our in-house developed eNlight Cloud One of the first companies to offer a true ‘Make In India’ cloud in the nation in 2011 when the nation only knew virtualization
One of the first companies in India to provide the vertical scaling facility to our customers Through our R&D initiatives, we have developed our vertically auto scalable cloud, which is patented in the USA and the UK.
One of the few datacenter and cloud services provider who has its own R&D team

eNlight Cloud

It is state-of-the-art cloud hosting solution with built-in ability to automatically scale CPU and RAMon-demand without any human intervention or downtime. The auto-scalable feature of eNlight hassucceeded in eliminating the downtime which is generally seen as a result of volatile internet traffic.Thus feature also makes eNlight an unsurpassed proposition for Disaster Recovery hosting withcost saving of up to 70%. With unmatched granular transparency delivered through pay-per-consumer billing model, user gets to eliminate cost of unused resources.

What is eNlight Cloud?

The only Agile and auto-scaling
enlight cloud hosting

What is eNlight 360o?

eNlight 360° from ESDS - Complete On-premise Hybrid Cloud hosting solution

Cloud Hosting for various Industry Verticals

Cloud hosting is the most innovative cloud computing technologies that allow multiple physical server machines to act as one system. ESDS provides some specific cloud hosting solutions as under-

Core Banking Hosting on eNlight Cloud

Provides complete managed hosting for CBS, ATM Card Solution, Mobile Banking, Net Banking, IMPS, UPI Payments, Bharat Billpay, etc. As of June 30, 2021, the cloud is used by more than 400 banks and financial institutions across India.

SAP HANA Hosting on eNlight Cloud

Our cloud is certified by SAP SE in SAP HANA operations and cloud and infrastructure operations. As of June 30, 2021, we offer our SAP HANA cloud services to over 150 organisations across multiple industries.

Web Portals and eCommerce hosting on eNlight Cloud

Some of the largest matrimonial portals in India, eCommerce portals and all the major initiatives taken by the PMO like the MUDRA Bank, Startup India and Standup India have been designed, developed and hosted by ESDS on the eNlight Cloud platform.

Data Center Services

Managed Servers

A dedicated hosting service or managed hosting service is a type of Internet hosting in which the client leases an entire server instead of sharing.

Back up and data recovery

Disk-based data protection and recovery for servers and workstations runs on Windows or Linux operating systems, in a physical or virtual environment.

Colocation Services

Colocation datacenter services makes enterprises the master of owned physical machines because user simply needs to send a command, and ESDS’ Automated Systems execute these commands in seconds.

Static VM’s / VPS Hosting

A virtual private server (VPS) is a virtual machine sold as a service by an Internet hosting service. VPS runs its own copy of an operating system, and customers have super user-level access to that operating system instance, so they can install almost any software that runs on that OS.

Disaster Recovery hosting

Online presence is business-critical and IT resources need to be protected. In case a disaster strikes, a few seconds lost online can cost big numbers. DR environment with plan, people, policy, equipment, process, technology and Exuberant Support make sure that data are protected.

What is eMagic DCIM module in eNlight 360°?

eMagic DCIM is a highly integrated and composite solution that provides a single console for management of Data Center operations. It facilitates streamlining of administration process, leading to optimization of functional operations.

eMagic DCIM is a highly regarded Enterprise Data Center Management Solution, which is currently installed and successfully running on-site operation for customers like Reliance Capital, ABB Group, CDSL, Satara DCCB and some new acquisitions like the DCB Bank.

eMagic DCIM: Data Center Management Suite

What is VTMScan?

Website owners constantly strive to improve their businesses; little do they realize that the crux of every online business today is web security. A legitimate website and a secure web service always rated higher on quality.

There must be protection against every bit of virtual world threats through brainstormed security infrastructure inclusive of Server and Network Isolation, High End Cisco anomaly guards, Cisco Firewall, Anti-virus, Anti-spoof technology, Private VLANs, SSL Certificate, and more.

In light of this situation, it is essential that enterprise have requisite tool to deter any and all attempts to compromise customer data. VTMScan has been developed specifically to safeguard web assets. All websites of State Bank of India undertaking are fully secured using VTMScan, other big banks include the names of UCO Bank, Union Bank, DENA Bank, Vijaya Bank, Andhra Bank, etc.

VTMScan: Vulnerability Threat & Malware Scan

Product Research & Development

We are an innovation driven company. Over the years, our R&D team has developed several products that complement our data center and cloud business. We are committed to innovation and are focused on creating more niche and cost-effective technology products and solutions, which is our contribution towards “Atmanirbhar Bharat”.

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