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eNlight Hybrid Cloud

The Foundation for Amplified Collaboration, eNlight Hybrid Cloud Powers Innovation without Disruption

eNlight Hybrid Cloud

Visionary enterprises have taken the Hybrid approach to combine the capabilities of Public and Private Cloud. Hybrid Cloud is a versatile computing model that supports variable workloads and allows modifications of services that run on other Cloud environments. Enterprises feel that they lack control of their data when their applications are hosted on a Public Cloud platform and pay huge amounts of money for maintenance in case they have an On-Premise infrastructure. eNlight Hybrid Cloud combines the strengths of both worlds and provides an intelligently scalable, secure and highly administrative framework to excellently streamline and orchestrate business processes. Now enterprises can effortlessly prioritize their workloads between Public and Private Cloud platforms through greater flexibility in order to achieve operational excellency.

eNlight Hybrid Cloud has got it all to bolster rapidly evolving enterprises’ digital transformation. Architected for elasticity, mix of Public and Private Cloud services on eNlight Hybrid Cloud intelligently supports dynamic workloads while proficiently eliminating the overall Total Cost of Operation (TCO). Cloud Burst is a remarkable technology that helps enterprises deal with peaks in IT demands. Applications hosted on a Private Cloud can burst into Public Cloud to meet business demands and avoid interruptions. Prioritizing business needs is elementary with eNlight Hybrid Cloud that is flexible, scalable and a cost effective platform.

How eNlight Hybrid Cloud can be Beneficial

Sure-Fire Business Continuity

Effortless Control of Data

High Application Performance

Platform for Emerging Technologies

Easy Customizations

Transparent Billing

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eNlight Cloud

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