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Hybrid Cloud Solution


Why do businesses implement a Hybrid Cloud Solution?

Did you know that 82% of Businesses are adopting a hybrid Cloud strategy? There has to be a strong reason for so many Enterprises to adopt a Hybrid Cloud strategy. Embassy Group, headquartered in Bangalore, is one of the most successful organizations that adopted a Hybrid Cloud strategy with ESDS. They have been scaling with an amazing growth rate for the last six years with ESDS. There are many reasons to have such hybrid strategy; major factors are security, cost, scalability, agility, and faster go-live time. A private Cloud gives you stability and control, while a public cloud gives you scalability and faster go-live time. ESDS is India's oldest and most advanced Cloud technology company, where we give you complete peace of mind.

Whether you need a private cloud, public cloud, community cloud, multi-cloud, or a Hybrid of everything. Our our System Architects. are available to help you pick the perfect solution; this tailored solution shall help your business grow with no Cloud jerk 😊

Contact our System Architects. immediately if your company is in need of a precise cloud deployment model.

Did you know more than 80% of businesses’ IT infrastructure cannot handle a disaster recovery incident?

Coming to the answer for above question, the answer is simple; Hybrid Cloud Solution comes with surefire disaster recovery and a business continuity plan, which is not available in on-premise private cloud infrastructure. One of our oldest and best customers, "Essel Propack," went through a massive disaster with their primary Data Center, but the Disaster Recovery site hosted with ESDS in a Hybrid Cloud environment helped Essel Propack to quickly recover and get the business online with minimal downtime. Something of this sort would have been possible if they had been purely on the Private Cloud or purely Public Cloud. Let us share a secret, most of the Public Cloud offerings do not come with a standard Disaster Recovery solution; they come with a backup solution only, which has failed to work for many Enterprises who chose a Hybrid Cloud strategy with ESDS later on.


Whichever cloud model you choose, you will have to have a disaster recovery and a business continuity solution that incurs additional expenses, infrastructure, and time. However, this is different from a hybrid cloud solution, as the cloud model takes care of disaster recovery without opting for additional on-premise expenses while offering better security.

Hybrid Cloud

Enterprises expect their Cloud to be an Aquaman, fast like a fish while in the Ocean and strong like a Hulk on the land. On top of this, we expect this Aquaman to be cheap. All of this is possible, but you need a learned partner who can understand your business model and give a solution that takes care of all the essential needs of your business. Data Security, Business Continuity, and Scalability have been the major issues for businesses with on-premise IT solutions. Finding the best cloud computing solution that integrates well with on-premises is one of the problems many companies face worldwide. Apart from data integration, data replication in a location other than on-premises infra is essential for disaster recovery. Here is when the Hybrid cloud comes into the picture. Applications or their components, such as computation, networking, and storage, are included in hybrid cloud solutions when they are deployed across public and private clouds.

From where to get the best hybrid cloud solution?

At ESDS, we offer hybrid cloud solutions that solve business concerns while providing the advantages of the only vertically auto-scalable public cloud platform optimized for availability, security, performance, and cost with the added security of a private cloud. You can now combine your existing cloud solution with a hybrid cloud hosting service with us.

The Indian Public Cloud Services (PCS) market to reach $13.5 billion by 2026

This question is best answered by our customer, “Godfrey Phillips” and “XXX XXXX”. ESDS team collaborates with your IT department to streamline the hybrid cloud hosting process and provide the optimal amount of privacy and security while providing the flexibility, speed, and performance your business requires.

Our hybrid cloud's blend of public and private/ on-premises cloud services intelligently supports dynamic workloads while lowering the overall Total Cost of Operation (TCO). Prioritizing business demands is simple with our hybrid cloud platform, which is versatile, scalable, and cost-effective.

Single click switchover

ESDS offers DRM solution for single click switchover from client’s private cloud to ESDS Public/GCC cloud.

High Performance

Storage controllers on Dedicated Servers provide redundancy and excellent performance.

Highest Security

Confidential and sensitive data is stored in private cloud while using public cloud resources to operate applications that rely on that data.

No upfront investment for DR/ No CAPEX investment

You need not pay for the entire DR infrastructure; your data is safe on ESDS cloud.

Managed DR services

ESDS offers managed DR services by replicating your systems and data to our eNlight cloud and manage the failover and failback process.

Pay-as-you-go billing model

ESDS hybrid cloud service allows you to pay only for services used or consumed.

A Guaranteed Business Continuity

ESDS allows you to continue operating during an unplanned disruption in your services.

This is how ESDS contributes to your business:
  • Effortless Control of Data
  • High Application Performance
  • Improved IT and Developer Productivity
  • A Platform for Emerging Technologies
  • Accelerating Digital Transformation

Delivering expertise across cloud platforms and vendors

ESDS Public Cloud Services
ESDS Public Cloud Services
ESDS Public Cloud Services
ESDS Public Cloud Services

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