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eNlight Cloud Functions

What is eNlight Cloud Functions?

'eNlight Cloud Functions' is a FaaS (Functions as a Service) platform which executes functions as per the demands, eliminating server maintenance needs and costs. eNlight Cloud Functions is based upon Apache OpenWhisk which provides a simple and sophisticated platform to deploy functions.

What is serverless?

'Serverless' computing relates to the notion of creating and running applications that do not demand server management. It represents a deployment model at a granular level, where applications are a bundle of one or more functions. We upload them to a platform and then they run, auto-scale, and generate a bill as per the particular demand. The term serverless doesn't actually mean that there are no servers involved. We, of course, need them for the codes to function.

Go Serverless with eNlight Cloud Functions

With the ever-changing markets– deploy your applications faster with eNlight Cloud Functions. eNlight Cloud Functions is a Serverless cloud-computing platform where you can deploy your functions which executes in response to triggers or incoming events on demand. Achieve high scalability and take advantage of the pay-per-consume model which guarantees increased cost savings.

Why you must choose eNlight Cloud Functions?

Our serverless cloud computing platform will add a lot of benefits to your business application from development to updates and maintenance. There are several benefits for developers, owners, and users

Operationlise Serverless Development

Following are the key reasons for choosing eNlight Cloud Functions

Following are a few examples of application types that can run on eNlight Cloud Functions – Serverless platform.

eNlight Cloud Functions – Serverless : Use Cases
  • Independent, concurrent, asynchronous, and easy to parallelize work units
  • Infrequent demand, with random and huge scaling variation
  • Stateless hence, temporary, without a primary need for immediate cold start duration
  • Extremely dynamic due to varying business requirements which need accelerated development mechanism

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