eNlight IoT

Consider Internet of Things (IoT) as an environment where each and every objects that surrounds you like vehicles, flora, fauna, people and others are ‘Things’. IoT is the mechanism that adds Digital Interactivity among these ‘Things’. Sounds crazy, right? This is exactly what could happen in the near future. IoT can take the Internet to another… Read More »

eNlight in demand for powering Smart Cities: Piyush Somani, ESDS

“eNlight is becoming the Intelligence behind Smart Cities”, says Piyush Somani, MD & CEO, ESDS. Since the time Government of India raised the Smart City goals which are expected to improve quality of life of citizens, there are technology enthusiasts gearing up to support these nation-development initiatives. Many tech savvy organizations and even individuals are… Read More »

iPAS- From Paper-Fuss to Paper-Less

Over a period of time, abundant of data is generated in Silos and files consisting with papers are scattered around in an unorganized way in all the Government organizations. Huge lump of files and regular affairs is challenging to Manage. Major role played by state DPC is to plan different Schemes, Projects and Activities for the… Read More »


Ransom:Win32/Petya.A-joey / Ransom:Win32/Petya Alert level: Severe Ransomware? WannaCry? Petya? What are these words? No dictionary mentions them or there wasn’t any bubble about them till last year, yet nowadays they tend to be the most powerful searched & feared terms! Searched by novices & Feared by the unfortunate affected victims! Starting the second week of… Read More »

The Impacts of GST on Organisational IT

GST, a unified tax structure, would be a game-changer in Indian financial structure. The implementation of Goods and Service Tax would call for many changes in IT framework (infrastructure) of an organization. What is GST? Goods and Services Tax seeks to abolish the large number of indirect taxes like Sales Tax, Central VAT, luxury Tax,… Read More »

Cloud Technology becomes more intelligent with AI

It is very much clear about the potential of cloud technology and its positive effects on businesses, both huge and small. The cloud technology, no doubt has evolved to a great deal since its inception. One was auto-scaling and to refine it further ESDS eNlight cloud has vertical auto-scaling feature. Emerging trends like IOT, mobile computing,… Read More »

Know-How on DCIM solutions for an Enterprise!

DCIM effectively manages IT infrastructure and reduces energy costs helping DC managers and maximizing ROI. What is DCIM? DCIM is an acronym for ‘data center infrastructure management’. It is a software or tool to measure, monitor, manage and control the IT infrastructure of an enterprise.  DCIM tool provides an integrated view of IT-related equipment and facility… Read More »

Cloud Computing Shaping its future in 2017!

Cloud enables business transformation sufficing major needs of organizational IT viz. security, cost management, business agility. Multi-cloud commitments Interoperability will be the core factor which can make cloud computing a hit in the market.  An organization will use dual-source public cloud service and avoid vendor lock-in. This is benefit SMEs and large organizations to get… Read More »

ESDS eNlight Cloud platform ideal for SAP S/4 HANA hosting!

Due to the technological shift, we need a cloud solution for managing increasing infrastructural requirement. An organization needs to stay ahead in the competition and win in the digital economy of a highly complex world. Due to IOT, it is vital for the businesses to process the data in real-time for immediate analysis. Drive your growth… Read More »