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Natural resource management involved in the forestry sector. Currently many states, and private forestry agencies, governments are implemented Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and Remote Sensing (RS) for various applications.

Advantages of GIS in Port and Maritime Management

Why need GIS for port and maritime management: Port Design, Infrastructure and Expansion Planning Environmental Management, Facility and Utility Management Property and Lease Management Security Operations Emergency Response and Management Port Operations and Intermodal Management Meteorological Monitoring Visualization and assessment of water depth Public Information How GIS is useful in port management is elaborated below:… Read More »


GIS & RS Applications in Forestry

Natural resource management involved in forestry sector. Currently many state, and private forestry agencies, governments are implemented Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and Remote Sensing (RS) for various applications. Mainly supporting analysis, assessment, and management of our forests. Wildfire management, private land regulation and public land management are done by different forest organizations and agencies. And… Read More »


Usefulness of GIS in Homeland Security

Recently due to the terrorism, commercial companies and government are taking support from the RS and GIS technology mainly for security purpose. This geospatial technologies useful for strategic decision making and also in actual tactical deployment when disaster condition happens. State agencies and Government are extensively using aerial photos and RS data (high resolution satellite… Read More »


GIS Applications in Utility Sector

Utility sector is one of the expanding sector. And utility management is one of basic need of the modern infrastructure management. Investment made on different utility supply lines ex. Water, sewage, power lines telephone lines and gas mains. So components of utility should be functional without any breakdown. And it very difficult to manage it… Read More »


Use of GIS and RS Technology in Disaster Management

India is vulnerable to natural and manmade disasters. All disasters are spatial in nature. GIS techniques act as a decision support tool. Decision making can possible by analysis of different GIS layers. Currently socio-economic and geo-spatial data is useful for management and planning of disasters as well as tackling of disastrous condition. Various departments and… Read More »


Advantages of GIS Technology in Core Banking

A Group of networked bank branches providing core banking services to customers. So it provide facility to customers to make transactions and access their funds easily from any member branch bank office. Core banking is nothing but banking institutions conducting business with their retail and small business customers. Most of the banks treating core banking… Read More »