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  • Enabling   

    Our core focus at ESDS is to Enable Scalability, Dependability and Security with next generation Cloud technology. Our innovative Enterprise products and solutions include our patented(No.9176788) Auto-Scalable eNlight Cloud Hosting Platform, most innovative and disruptive Cloud Technology - eNlight 360° (an on-premise Software defined Cloud and Software defined Data Center with auto-scaling, Cloud Brust feature and Managed Services), eMagic -Datacenter Management Suite and MTvScan - Web Vulnerability Scanner.

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  • Specialised Datacenter Services

    Our distinct services portfolio comprises of Private, Hybrid and Public Cloud Hosting, Private Server Hosting and static Virtual Servers (VPS Hosting). These are well complemented by our expertise in: Database Management, Remote Data Center Management, Cross Platform DR Hosting & Migrations, managing Linux, Unix and Windows Servers. ESDS is champion in Disaster Recovery hosting due to the patented auto-scaling technology, which helps our customers to save minimum 70% compared to any other DR hosting options.

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  • Tier III Fully Managed Datacenter

    ESDS has pioneered the concept of Green Data Centers in India. Our Uptime Institute Certified Tier III Data Centers also hold the distinction of having the lowest latency amongst DC’s located in India, which adds a lot of value to our Cloud offerings and this has also helped ESDS to be the best Cloud service provider in India offering floating Virtual Machines across multiple Data Centers. we have 4 different layers in our Software Defined Network and that gives a lot of flexibility to our customers along with top level Network Security.

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  • Exuberant Support and 24x7 services

    We take immense pride in the competency and discipline of our Technology Support Staff. Their dedication and expertise in managing Servers, all types of Operating Systems, DB’s, Applications, Firewalls and Network helps us maintain the standard of service and support that competition cannot match as of now. Our experience in managing 35,000 customers and 2.2 Million websites, applications & databases under our US & UK companies has helped us enormously in running our India DC’s and Cloud with 99.987% uptime for 6 years.

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