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Evolving CIO’s role in Modern Enterprise IT!

The right priorities CIOs should focus on to approach for solutions and get the most out of IT for reaching the business goals of modern enterprises. Scroll down to know more! Chief Intelligence Officer (CIO) is the Team Leader or Chief among the IT executives in an enterprise.According to Gartner, only 25% of all organizations,… Read More »


Is eCommerce industry in India a ‘bubble’ to burst?

ECommerce industry has climbed the steep slope of high hill and waiting at the tip. Can it sustain itself or the eCommerce bubble will burst? The honeymoon period for eCommerce industry, which boomed and flourished in India, seems to be over as the giants are more focused on revenue generation, customer retention and competitive analysis.… Read More »


How does the Web Servers Manage Millions of Hits a Day?

One of the most amazing things about the Web servers is that in some cases a very small machine can handle a large number of visitors. For example, imagine you have a small Web site that contains a number of static Web pages (in this case, “static” means that everyone sees the same version of… Read More »


Understanding Cyber Security Precautions

The security over the Internet is something that has to be treated very carefully. Cyber crimes are increasing every day and this is a trend that has no sign of reduction, since internet users are increasing every day. When you start using internet, you enhance your online security by installing some antivirus. This is just… Read More »


Eleven Differences Between The Good And The Great IT Engineer

Even the pros have bad habits that undermine the image of the area. See how to identify them. In the daily operations of any organization, typically the end users are responsible for a wide range of actions that compromise the safety and / or network performance. However, even the pros have their bad habits: ignore… Read More »


What To Look For In a Web Host ?

There are many companies which provide hosting for small as well as big business. How would you decide which company is best for you? You can follow these rules while choosing your winner. 1) Backups – Daily basis: Please look for this option keeping your eyes open while choosing a web host. This service should… Read More »