ESDS Boosts PM’s Atmanirbhar Bharat Mission with Indigenously Developed AA+ COVID-19 Testing Solution

In 2020, the World has witnessed one of the worst pandemics of the century. COVID-19 (Novel Coronavirus) has brought the entire world to a standstill and has rapidly affected our day to day life, businesses, disrupted the trade and movements. This virus creates significant knock-on effects on the daily life of citizens as well as the economy. Social Distancing, Work from Home becomes the new normal.

An AI-Enabled tool for rapid detection of COVID-19

Today, every country is trying its best to save its economy and people. In India, Government & RBI have taken various measures to curb the situation and focus on the Atmanirbhar approach to minimize the dependency on others and emerge as a self-reliant nation.

AA+ COVID-19 Testing Solution

Various companies in India are also now leading the Prime Minister’s Atmanirbhar and Make-in-India Mission by providing indigenous healthcare solutions like- PPE Kits, Testing Kits, etc. ESDS- the MeITY empaneled leading Indian Cloud Service Provider having own Datacenters in India has come up with a unique solution to deal with this critical situation. ESDS has developed AA+ COVID-19 Testing Solution that indicates the presence of COVID-19 in a patient under 5 minutes. This will not only foster the pace of mass testing process but also reduce the cost of it.

The AA+ COVID-19 Testing Solution is an indicative tool that has been developed to reduce the burden on our healthcare professionals to carry out rigorous testing. The Testing Solution is going to help the radiologists and other healthcare professionals in segregating and classifying the accurate target patient groups. At this time of the pandemic, when the entire World is looking for quick detection of Coronavirus, this Solution proves to be a very useful tool. This Solution has been developed by the ESDS Team in a short period of 6 weeks under the guidance of AI-specialists and radiologists. It is an entirely contactless Solution, reducing the risk for Corona Warriors to come in contact with the patient to carry out the Testing procedure. This Testing Solution is altogether an indigenous and Made-in-India product.

How to Use? 

This is a rapid indicative solution to ensure that only the suspected cases are further tested by the traditional method, dramatically reducing the time taken for screening while reducing the load on labs as well. The other big help is that the doctors and hospitals will now be able to segregate COVID positive and negative patients faster and ensure that the treatment safely starts immediately without the delay of waiting for the report.

To use this Testing Solution, all the user has to do is just follow three simple steps.

  • The first step includes taking a chest X-ray of the suspected patient.
  • Once the user has collected X-ray, he needs to upload it on the web browser.
  • After uploading the X-ray, the Testing Solution delivers results on the browser under five minutes.
AA+ COVID-19 Testing Solution

A Cost-Effective Tool

Besides being a rapid-deployment, this Solution is highly cost-effective as well. The traditional swab Testing methods costs are much higher in India to carry out a single test. However, on the other hand, using this Solution is a very cost-effective option, thereby reducing the financial burden on all the citizens, whether they are positive or negative.

Mobile Van Testing Solution

To address the needs of corporates and businesses, who are looking to re-start their industries again with utmost safety care of their employees, ESDS has also introduced a mobile van Testing Solution at a very reasonable cost-effective rate. This mobile van can be called at the office doorstep for mass and rapid testing of employees. Based on the result obtained, businesses can take further course of action in case an employee is indicated positive for COVID-19.

Unmatched Accuracy

With more than 50,000 collected chest X-ray samples, the Testing Solution has gained a model accuracy of 96%. These X-ray samples were collected from various countries like- India, the USA, the UK, and Italy. In the near time, with more samples being collected, the accuracy will enhance further.

This Testing Solution is one of its kind, advanced technology-based offerings developed by ESDS. Being cost-effective, contactless, and an easily implementable Solution, it has set a benchmark for others, not only in India but also globally. ESDS can drive motivation amongst others to work on innovations and come up with solutions that can help us in fighting the COVID-19 pandemic.

If you’re interested to know more about this Testing Solution, feel free to reach us through:

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