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Colocation Benefits the Organization in many ways!

Colocation is a secure, cost-effective, resource management solution enabling business continuity. Know more about datacenter colocation benefits here! According to IDC, by 2018, 65% of companies’ IT assets will be off-site in colocation, hosting, and cloud data centers, while 33% of IT “staff” will be employees of third-party service providers. In the era of datacenters,… Read More »


Reduce Cost of Your IT Infrastructure with Colocation

After using the services like shared or VPS Hosting, when you recognize that requirements of your website are increasing, you start thinking about going for a dedicated server. But, when you think about few of the important factors like Cost, Server Management and Maintenance concerns that restricts you, you do not choose dedicated server hosting.… Read More »


ESDS – Collocation Hosting with KVMoIP Access

A majority of colocation providers will limit you to accessing the servers that you have hosted with them through Remote Desktop or SSH only and this can introduce issues for server administrators that require greater control of their server, such as the BIOS configuration. ESDS provides colocation solutions that offer KVMoIP access so that you… Read More »


Co-location Hosting in State-of-the-Art Data Center

Colocation hosting is the process of a business taking their own physical hardware and hosting it with a third-party web hosting company in an enterprise-class data center; the simplest way of looking at co-location hosting is as dedicated server hosting, but you own the hardware that you are supplying. Larger businesses can often make deals… Read More »


Secure Data Center with High Uptime Levels and 24×7 Support

ESDS operates a fully managed Tier 3 data center in Nashik, a location that 180km north of Mumbai, seen as being the country’s Banking capital. As the ESDS data center is one of the newest facilities in the country, we use the most up-to-date equipment to form the backbone of our operations with the intention… Read More »


Acronis True Image for Microsoft Windows Small Business Server

Small businesses face the same challenges in the IT field, as large organizations, but when it comes to disaster recovery, they are more vulnerable. SMB-sector companies traditionally use fewer servers, fewer staff IT professionals and fewer technical resources than the big companies. Therefore, the recovery of such enterprises require more staff and technical resources than… Read More »


Colocation Benefits – A simplified solution

Colocation hosting services means locating your IT infrastructure to the third party data centers. The data centers which are highly reliable, secure and has fully equipped redundant infrastructure. Colocating your web servers to the data center is always a wise choice as it provides many benefits and secured  physical atmosphere to your server. Colocation web… Read More »


Is Colocation cost-effective when compared to a cloud ?

Colocation and Cloud are two different aspects of web hosting services. There are several comparisons between both Colocation web hosting and Cloud web hosting. The basic point is which service is cost- effective while in comparison  with each other. When putting this point that is colocation is cost-effective when compared to cloud? Then there were… Read More »