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In the IT world colocation services have turned out to be the most popular commodity. The IT world prefers colocation data centre facility as it allows for renting a space for storing and installing servers and other hardware.

Acronis True Image for Microsoft Windows Small Business Server

Small businesses face the same challenges in the IT field, as large organizations, but when it comes to disaster recovery, they are more vulnerable. SMB-sector companies traditionally use fewer servers, fewer staff IT professionals and fewer technical resources than the big companies. Therefore, the recovery of such enterprises require more staff and technical resources than… Read More »


Colocation Benefits – A simplified solution

Colocation hosting services means locating your IT infrastructure to the third party data centers. The data centers which are highly reliable, secure and has fully equipped redundant infrastructure. Colocating your web servers to the data center is always a wise choice as it provides many benefits and secured  physical atmosphere to your server. Colocation web… Read More »


Is Colocation cost-effective when compared to a cloud ?

Colocation and Cloud are two different aspects of web hosting services. There are several comparisons between both Colocation web hosting and Cloud web hosting. The basic point is which service is cost- effective while in comparison  with each other. When putting this point that is colocation is cost-effective when compared to cloud? Then there were… Read More »


Colocation Services and online business

The Colocation services are extremely essential for any kind of online business, be it small or big. For the smooth running of your business web servers and without needing to create a dedicated environment for these servers and other hardware and hiring expert technicians working round-the-clock, you may find the Colocation services and the Colocation… Read More »