Secure Data Center with High Uptime Levels and 24×7 Support

ESDS operates a fully managed Tier 3 data center in Nashik, a location that 180km north of Mumbai, seen as being the country’s Banking capital. As the ESDS data center is one of the newest facilities in the country, we use the most up-to-date equipment to form the backbone of our operations with the intention of offering our customers the best experience available, as is evident with our uptime rates.

ESDS is able to offer industry-leading availability and security, but this isn’t reflected in our prices as we still aim to be one of the most affordable data center providers. We are constantly carrying out Research and Development to see where we can improve further, with 24×7 support being available to all customers so that there is always someone available to listen to you so that all of your queries and issues can be rectified as they arise.

Data Center Design

The ESDS data center provides 10,000 square ft. of floor space, allowing us to host thousands of servers without issue. The design of our network means that we can host websites that receive millions of visitors a month as standard without there being any noticeable impact on the performance of the network or the operation of the hardware that forms the backbone.

The ESDS data center includes the following security measures to verify the identity all visitors who access the data center floor to maintain the safety and security of the hardware located within:

  • A network of CCTV camera operates throughout the entire building with all core areas being covered so that those entering and leaving the premises are recorded; an archive of CCTV footage is kept for 15 days so that if an incident does occur with which an individual or individuals need to be identified, our security team are able to go back and review the footage for identification purposes
  • The entire premises is surround by a 3 meter high fence in an attempt to scare off any would-be thieves as with the fence being so high, it is pretty much impossible for anyone to scale this line of defense – further to this IR cameras also surround the perimeter of the building so that recordings can be taken day and night, whilst access to the data center floor directly is electronically controlled meaning that it is restricted to authorized individuals only.

At ESDS we take the uptime of our network seriously and realize the importance for our clients of attaining high uptime levels so that their online operations aren’t impacted. Our data center employs the following features to guarantee our uptime rate of 99.95% is maintained each month:

  • High-quality Cisco hardware is used throughout the network to ensure that hardware failure is never going to be a cause of downtime for any of our customers
  • N+1 redundancy has been introduced so that there is no single point of failure anywhere, meaning that there is always at least a second path available through which traffic can be routed if the primary path fails
  • Multiple UPS systems are available to power servers and other hardware in the event that the primary electricity supplies fails; failing this, diesel generators are also in place to take over if the UPS systems fail
  • ESDS employs a 24×7 NOC team that has the responsibility of monitoring all network segments so that issues can be dealt with as they arise as to reduce any potential business impact.

Data Center Migration

If you are looking to co-locate as opposed to leasing dedicated servers directly, ESDS provides a range of co-location hosting opportunities both for existing customers and those looking to migrate their servers from another co-location provider. The NOC staff in the ESDS data center can provide assistance with the setup of your servers so that you are able to get them online over our network in no time at all.

Choosing co-location is something often reserved for businesses with complex hosting requirements that can’t be met by dedicated server hosting; this may be businesses that require a hardware configuration that isn’t obtainable through a web hosting company, or may have a bulk purchase agreement with a hardware supplier. The racks in the ESDS data center can accommodate servers of all sizes, up to 4U in fact, so that space is never going to be an issue for you if you choose ESDS as your Co-location hosting provider. You will be provided with tools that will enable you to monitor your co-located servers around the clock so that you can be reassured of the availability of your machines.

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