Acronis True Image for Microsoft Windows Small Business Server

Small businesses face the same challenges in the IT field, as large organizations, but when it comes to disaster recovery, they are more vulnerable. SMB-sector companies traditionally use fewer servers, fewer staff IT professionals and fewer technical resources than the big companies. Therefore, the recovery of such enterprises require more staff and technical resources than large enterprises. According to the American Bureau of Labor Statistics, over the past five years, 93% of companies that have lost very important data left the market. Accordingly, ensuring the smooth operation of IT infrastructure becomes a critical aspect of such companies to survive and grow your business.

Acronis ® True Image for Microsoft ® Windows Small Business Server provides the highest flexibility and reliability in disaster recovery and migration, network servers, small businesses in both physical and virtual environments based on Microsoft Small Business Server.

Every hour of server downtime costing you thousands of dollars? Acronis True Image for MS Small Business Server is a complete solution for backup and disaster recovery of servers, small businesses, which will allow you to quickly rebuild their businesses through minimizing downtime due to failures.


Acronis True Image for MS Small Business Server is a specialized application that allows you to create exact server disk image based on the SBS Windows, including the operating system, databases and applications, as well as quickly and easily transfer system based on MS SBS between physical and virtual servers.

After a system crash, Acronis True Image for MS SBS fully restore the server for a few minutes. Such recovery can be performed on an existing machine, and the new, where other equipment is installed, as well as on a server colocation(requires components of Acronis Universal Restore).

Acronis True Image for MS SBS is designed for small businesses. Like all other corporate solutions product line, Acronis, Acronis True Image for MS SBS is equipped with all the functionality for secure and reliable backup and disaster recovery.

Part of the package Acronis True Image for MS SBS Acronis Management Console is a convenient tool to manage backup operations on multiple remote servers.

Underlying Acronis True Image exclusive Acronis Drive Snapshot technology allows you to create backup disk images without interrupting server and ensuring their availability 24 hours a day, seven days a week.


Seven functions essential for small businesses:

Acronis Universal Restore: Restore to different hardware or to virtual servers
(Note: requires a separate license).

Exclude files from backups: Adding to back up, your most important data saves disk space occupied by backup images.

Backup image encryption

Boot from an image, using Acronis Active Restore Technology ™ (expected to register a patent for this technology): Decrease downtime by guarantee system performance during a recovery.

Control the write speed on hard drives and network bandwidth usage and Minimize interruptions of business.

Planning and notices:
Including launching backups after certain events, periodic backup validations, and schedule the creation of cloning operations.

Modify images: Ability to connect a disk in read-write and direct to the changes, such as removing viruses and malware.


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