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SAP In Cloud Computing!

44 years and 251,000 clients – A magnificent reputation of SAP’s product advancement. A large group of solutions that incorporated procedures to change human lives and modernize methods for working together until the end of time. SAP is digitizing ecosystem community with its Business Network solutions. As cloud computing plagues the IT market, moving applications… Read More »


Analyzing the SAP CEC Suite

The SAP customer engagement & commerce (SAP CEC) suite is a complete package of cloud platforms for different modules like CRM, E-commerce, analytics, Sales, Marketing etc. These different client engagement tools support both business-to-business (B2B) and business-to-customer (B2C) engagement procedures. So let’s dig more to know what lies beneath the SAP CEC Suite.


Why Small and Big Businesses should urge for ERP/SAP, in Cloud

ERP/SAP Small and Medium businesses are budding its reach in India and with growing business comes need of proficient management to gain complete productivity and profit. To be in a competitive business means to carry smartness, smart tolls, skills, passion, to achieve these Enterprise resource planning (ERP) is now adopted by many small and big… Read More »


SAP (Systems, Applications and Products) for Data Processing

First, let us see what is the meaning of the acronym SAP (Systems, Applications and Products) in Data Processing. What is sap? In 1972, in Mannheim, Germany, three engineers had an idea. They wanted to produce a software that becomes standard in the market for integrated business solutions and kicked the small business (with a… Read More »


What Is SAP (System Application Programming)?

SAP (System Application Programming) – A type of programming that is to develop applications that interact with the system software (operating system), or computer hardware. The main difference between system programming compared to application programming is that, application software is designed for end users (eg, word processors, graphic editors), while the resulting system programming are… Read More »


SAP ERP Client Server Architecture

The SAP-ERP – (System Application Product – Enterprise Resource Planning) uses a three-tier client-server architecture, consisting of: Database server Application server Presentation layer on the client -side With this structure, it is possible to distribute the tasks to other machines with increasing demands, thereby increasing the efficiency of the overall system. Database The various SAP… Read More »


Basic Modules of ERP System

Enterprise Resource Planning System(ERP), just by considering name we can simply define ERP as  System or software that used to manage all the resources of whole enterprise. Right from employee payments to single screw coming into the enterprise , everything  can be managed & tracked by using ERP Systems. ERP is a cross functional software… Read More »