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Disaster Recovery for Banks

It would be quite fundamental to talk about disaster recovery or business continuity plan (BCP) for banks because being in 2019; we have moved on from the utmost importance of these ideas to keep the operations up and running. So we would naturally tend to think that today all banks are prepared for any type… Read More »


Top 5 Tips for Disaster Recovery Planning

In this modern era of “always-on” business, prolonged downtime is not acceptable.  It is the need of the generation to keep small or large businesses running all the time. A steady rise in data security attacks and continuously changing IT landscape have revolutionised the disaster recovery market in recent years. According to stats, 86% of… Read More »


Why Should You Not Take Business Continuity Casually?

Let’s Start With Basics – What is Business Continuity? The term – ‘Business Continuity’ is quite expressive, meaning the ability to continue the business should have even after something disrupting or destroying has happened. The capability to recover and sustain vital operations during, and also after a disaster happens is the definition of business continuity… Read More »


Disasters…Are you prepared for it?

Data can be lost to technical failures, disasters, outages, etc… Protecting business applications against these disasters is any organization’s top priority. So let’s dig deeper into DRaaS…


Reasons For Your Company To Invest In Disaster Recovery

Interruptions happen… Either for technical failures, human, fraud or natural disasters. What will determine the severity of the problem is how much your company is prepared for this type of occurrence. It is worth mentioning that a good disaster recovery plan involves much more than off-site storage or backup processing. It is essential to put… Read More »


5 Tips For a Proper Disaster Recovery Plan

The Disaster Recovery represents the set of technological measures that promote the recovery of data in times of emergency; thanks to a good disaster recovery plan that are able to ensure the protection of IT resources. The moments of inactivity can be harmful without proper recovery plan. According to some studies, only 6% of companies… Read More »


Disaster Recovery in Cloud : An Important New Industry

Cloud computing is an exciting technology. It is providing society with a multitude of exciting new applications and industries. But there is growing concern about what could happen in a world where so much information is stored in the “cloud hosting platform”. For many people, the worry begins with a term that is already very… Read More »