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Cloud Hosting in India

What trends are going to dominate the Indian Cloud Hosting Market in coming time? For more information, visit:  


A few Reasons Why VPS gets a Thumbs-up!

Why VPS gets a Thumbs-up! Virtual Private Servers enhance the productivity and are well justified and proven solutions. Scroll down to know the VPS benefits you can fetch for your enterprise. Technology plays a vital role if wanting the performance curve of your business to move in the upward direction. The online business or application… Read More »


VOIP – Be dedicated to your server!!

In past decades, customers chose their providers for a variety of reasons. Initially, there were several large companies to choose from. Later, a proliferation of companies arose as entrepreneurs discovered that they could simply gather a few servers and open their doors for business.


Windows Server 2003 EOL – CIOs are you ready for migration?

CIOs are you ready for migration? 14th July 2015, Windows server 2003 will be turned off official. But the question is how many companies will migrate on time. However, Microsoft will logically move towards a customized maintenance at full price. The clock is ticking and with a very little time remaining to complete the migration… Read More »


The Most Promising Areas for Dedicated Server Market to Grow

In this article, we are going to see some specific areas, where the server market can grow rapidly. According to Gartner, there are three particular areas, where the server market can grow hugely by 2015. They are: Data Centers in Hyperscale Desktop Virtualization Servers with Low Power Consumption Let’s go through one by one… Data… Read More »