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What trends are going to dominate the Indian Cloud Hosting Market in the coming time? For more information, visit:

How To Set Up a Dedicated Server in 5 Steps ?

Using a dedicated server or VPS with cPanel? We will see below how to use a dedicated server or VPS with cPanel and install in just 5 steps to ensure that it can effectively accommodate all your web sites, then you can determine how to use a dedicated server or VPS with cPanel and that… Read More »


Get Advantages With Linux Dedicated Server Hosting

If you have a specific requirement to host your website then the Linux servers might be perfect for you. You can request your data center service provider to provide customize hosting plan. This open source operating system can be changed into a good working server and also it is utilized for Red Hat Enterprise and Free BSD. Now,… Read More »


Dedicated Streaming Servers Explained

With the advent of dedicated streaming servers, listening to online music and watching videos are so much a fun, now we need not spend  much of the time at buffering for listening to music or watching online videos. A dedicated streaming server is much more than just the hard drive, a dedicated streaming server integrates… Read More »


Hosting Industry : New Trends

Changes in technologies have affected various sectors around us. Web hosting industry has also undergone several changes and has been forced to adapt to various technological upgrades. Most of the changes in the industry have occurred at the back-end and people dealing with data centers or resellers and service providers have felt it. Listed below… Read More »


Dedicated Server Definition

Most people who are engaged in online business, are constantly looking for ways to improve. These forms are partly improved, they increase their traffic and require better items with which they could meet their demands. Whenever we talk about how good the dedicated servers are, we rarely find useful or accurate information which gives a… Read More »