Hosting Industry : New Trends

web_hosting_new_trendsChanges in technologies have affected various sectors around us. Web hosting industry has also undergone several changes and has been forced to adapt to various technological upgrades. Most of the changes in the industry have occurred at the back-end and people dealing with data centers or resellers and service providers have felt it.

Listed below are the few major changes we have observed in 2013:

Shift from VPNs to Hybrid Clouds

We have been observing shift from the virtual private networks to private, hybrid, and public clouds. Most of the companies are now adopting one or the other kind of cloud computing. Competitors in this sector are constantly trying to switch workloads between private and public clouds to keep pace with changing markets. The emergence of cloud computing forces CIOs to redesign their fundamental IT strategies, creating opportunities for firms that can assist in the transition.

Cloud computing delivers software, platform, and IT infrastructure services through a shared network.

It lowers business costs and reacts swiftly to changes in business needs. Another major advantage of cloud is that it makes applications accessible from any location. While Interoperability and data security issues may hinder market growth but the cloud computing sector is growing rapidly as IT giants are actively developing new solutions to address these issues.

Price Competition

Dedicated Hosting Providers need to differentiate their offerings to stay in neck to neck price war. Competition from Large market players, like Amazon Web Services (AWS), Facebook and Google is heating up the place. Hosting service providers perceive this fact that unique product offerings would be the best way to fight against industry-wide pricing pressure. They have already started to offer value-added services, for eg. Advanced, proactive management, fully managed services and superior support to differentiate.

Customized Deals

Markets are now moving to dynamic networks, persistent IP connections plus networks that are customized to serve consumers and businesses. So, Customers would certainly look out for customized deals than standard offerings, be it a small hosting package or a million dollar deal.

Security Concerns

Security has become one of the mainstream essentials in IT industry .This would in turn mean that putting a very strong security in place is a mandate now and not just an option anymore.


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