Dedicated Streaming Servers Explained

streaming-serverWith the advent of dedicated streaming servers, listening to online music and watching videos are so much a fun, now we need not spend  much of the time at buffering for listening to music or watching online videos.

A dedicated streaming server is much more than just the hard drive, a dedicated streaming server integrates the software that is required to deliver media through our internet connection. Many protocols are required to help the audio or video travel from one device to another.

How dedicated streaming server works?

In streaming servers the users visit a web page hosted on the web server and finds the files they like to hear or watch, the web servers send the request to a streaming server and then it sends the file to the user with a little help of a web server.

Dedicated streaming servers are able to deliver audio and video in real time, which is due to the types of protocols they use. RTP (Real-time transfer protocol) RTSP (Real-time streaming protocol). Now these protocols are acting as layers that look after the web traffic. As real-time protocols direct media streams to where they need to go, other web protocols are simultaneously working in the background. Overall, these protocols work together to balance the bandwidth load on a server.

Dedicated streaming servers are designed to handle a large number of traffic in the website without any downtime.  A dedicated streaming server provides an enormous amount of network storage to avoid streaming latency. A dedicated server answers the need of streaming video as it provides massive amounts of bandwidth, 100%uptime and maximum amount of storage.

Dedicated servers provide a good amount of bandwidth, so that the servers are ready to supply Streaming of any size project. Dedicated streaming servers are fast, they can also increase the load time for the end user, and are very capable of handling higher volumes of traffic and site usage.

Dedicated servers offer high bandwidth connections to the internet, to serve millions of users, dedicated streaming servers provide huge bandwidth, and dedicated traffic so that there is no stream. Without dedicated hardware that routes traffic to maximize throughput, the streams would fail or buffer. A dedicated staff that provides 24x7x365 supervision supervises dedicated streaming servers.  In dedicated streaming servers all systems are optimized to take irregular loads, and can handle high bandwidth demands on them, so the uptime is nearly 100%.



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