Windows Dedicated Hosting Explained

There are many web-based businesses that need Windows-based dedicated server hosting. Windows web applications and related softwares are becoming very cost-effective and are also upgraded regularly with advanced features. Although these web applications, scripts, and softwares are still expensive compared to the Linux-based web applications and softwares, the Windows-based applications features more advanced features. Hence, the users of these applications and softwares will always prefer Windows dedicated server hosting.

Apart from the businesses, there are plenty of web developers who use the ASP.NET platform and the .NET application platform to develop softwares. These applications need Windows dedicated server hosting. These applications are platforms to create large-scale web applications rapidly. The plesk dedicated servers hosting provides the necessary platforms consisting of latest technical developments in processors, other hardware, and web applications, especially Windows-based, suited to run these large-scale web applications effectively.

The chief databases used by the Windows applications are the Microsoft Access and the Microsoft SQL Server database management system. As these are critically important back-end tools, they require expert database administration skills for their management and maintenances.

A managed Windows dedicated server hosting can well provide complete secure environment using select firewalls and special configurations applied to these mission-critical applications. As these Windows-based web applications and softwares are constantly upgraded with new technology, the service providers must also be able to provide domain expertise in these fields to the customers.

Windows dedicated server hosting providers are able to completely manage all the high-end requirements of Windows-based applications, ranging from advanced processors, higher RAM, non-stop connectivity, added applications’ security, and complete control to run these specific applications from their data centers due to the availability of world-class infrastructure, cooling and redundant power systems, best data transmission facilities, and superior skills in management and technical support.

The other top 5 benefits of using Windows dedicated server hosting are :

  • Proximity to the data center
  • Comparatively lower fees and foreign exchange savings
  • Outsourcing the server management to the service provider
  • Low-cost local skilled manpower utilization as the country produces high numbers of highly skilled web technicians
  • High-quality world-class dedicated web hosting offered by local data centers that also include redundant power for full uptime, security, and top-quality infrastructure to name just a few features of quality hosting.

Windows Dedicated Server Hosting has come a long way in recent years and are now in high-demand not only from local businesses but from all over the world, especially from the Asian, Middle East, European, and the US businesses.

Due to the skilled experts in management and technical fields available in ever-growing numbers, and the cost-effective nature of hosting, the world is now turning to the top hosting service providers for their web hosting related needs. This is especially true in case of Windows dedicated server hosting as it requires a very high level of skills – and ESDS now has ample resources to meet all these global needs and provide the best web services that can surpass all expectations.

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