Differences Between Linux and Windows Dedicated Server Hosting

Until a few years ago, the Linux and Windows server hosting services were radically different. Today’s systems platform compatibility of the companies hosting these differences will reduce dramatically.

The way to access the server is one of the main differences between the two types of services. Both allow access via FTP, a protocol for transferring files, but only offers Linux hosting access, a system that allows for remote access to a server. Both allow you to exchange files with the second offers advanced controls and access to critical areas of the server.

The standard of Linux-based systems are designed and developed according to the needs of programmers and technicians. These are applications that can later provide functionality to the end customer, developing and improving systems based on Linux. On the other hand, Windows systems are already designed taking the customer into consideration.

Another major difference between the platforms are supported programming languages. PHP, Perl and CGI are associated with Linux Hosting as ASP,. NET or ColdFusion are supported by the Windows platform. The same goes for the databases to Linux being “preferred” using MySQL privileges as the Windows Hosting MS Access or SQL Server. All these factors influence the development of applications or websites for each of the platforms.

On security issues, it is widespread that the Windows platform has more holes than its rival Linux. Although the concept is not totally false, because it is free and open to the large community of programmers, can correct and update any security flaws more quickly. For Windows, only these gaps are bridged with the publication of “patches to” or “service packs” which does not occur so quickly. In any case both rentals can be operated and maintained safely if carried out by qualified personnel.

Ultimately the key is to passing the the content and information to the website. It is the customer and / or programmer who decide which platform best serves their interests while taking the features and services into account that customers request.


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  1. Ahsima

    Great comparison. We go with windows hosting because we can use all the Microsoft packages, ASP.NET, PHP and so on. Very User friendly too.


  2. Leaner Morgan

    Both of the server are good , but the most preferable server is linux , because people love to work on linux because it is secure, reliable and an open source Platform and easy to handle for developers.

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