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How Music Streaming App Gaana.com is leveraging Cloud computing

Cloud hosting has turned out to be the blessing for the Music industry. It has revolutionised the music industry in such a way that the consumers are now adopting on-demand music services instead of the traditional method of buying and downloading songs. Gaana.com is one of the best examples making efficient use of cloud hosting… Read More »


Software Defined Networking (SDN) – An approach for flexible networking

Managing computer network is laborious task. In complex network we need to perform concurrent tasks like routing, traffic monitoring, server load balancing, access control etc. To define the network policies, network administrators need to configure each network device individually from diverse collection of routers, switches etc.  There is big challenge if networks are dynamic and… Read More »



The convergence of four major technology waves – Cloud Computing, Big Data, Business and Social mobility – have caused disruptions and consequently, opportunities and risks to the business and IT areas. Adopting and efficiently managing these four waves will cause significant impact on managers and IT professionals. Two aspects stand out: governance and management of… Read More »


Storage Virtualization Solutions Help To Maximize The Virtualization

Server virtualization helps to increase the efficiency of IT resources, but it also increases network bandwidth that pose particular problems for professionals. The paradigm of “the use of a single server, a network port” has been replaced with virtual dedicated servers that perform multiple tasks and use multiple network ports for data transmission, reliability and… Read More »


Will The Wireless Network Replace Cables In Data Center?

As reported in an article published in the pages of the New York Times, research experts conducted an experiment in which it was planned to find out whether wireless devices can be used for communications between dedicated servers, data center in the future or not. The researchers set out to find out whether the use… Read More »


Virtualization Security

When talking about VMware virtualization,  a few years ago nobody thought about how this technology would become complex: today’s large companies and SMEs have sufficiently large virtualized environments for better security. Today, virtualization has become a key enabler to the IT and business for companies. In the initial stage, it was primarily used to consolidate… Read More »