Will The Wireless Network Replace Cables In Data Center?

As reported in an article published in the pages of the New York Times, research experts conducted an experiment in which it was planned to find out whether wireless devices can be used for communications between dedicated servers, data center in the future or not.

The researchers set out to find out whether the use of wireless systems will speed traffic between servers, data center , if the basic (cable) system is overloaded in the near future. Several server racks in one of the centers were equipped with small corporations directional antennas for wireless devices and switching, which were installed on top of the server racks.

Used for communications range of ultrashort radio waves: The frequency – 60 GHz, the wavelength – about 5 millimeters. According to the researcher, the detailed system of wireless communications has allowed to significantly accelerate the speed of communication between the racks – from 45% to 95% depending on the specific experimental conditions.

It is known that wireless communications are often not completely reliable. Communication may be interrupted, for example, by the inclusion of a microwave oven or by unfavorable conditions for admission to a particular point. So it is the fact that this idea will be accepted by most operators or the data centers. Nevertheless, the situation in case of data centers is radically different from the usual situation with unreliable mobile phones with unstable connections to Wi-Fi.

The fact is that, the entire situation within the data center is under strict control, all occurring processes are well predicted, and the equipment is serviced by staff for uninterrupted services.  In addition, this system uses directional antennas, ie relationship between the switching devices is carried out through the narrow beams of radio waves.


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