Factors To Consider When Choosing Data Center

When we purchase a product or service that requires a significant investment, it is essential to know in depth the characteristics or properties, if you have a product, and the advantages and security provided if a service.

When it comes to data center, there are multiple factors to consider:

First large data storage capacity. Not only that, but good exchange rate for the same. If we shut down  the server, but far from databases, the set speed will suffer.

The physical data center runs on electricity. It should have assured electricity even in disaster conditions (cuts supply network, fires, floods, etc.). It should not just have a efficient UPS but also the authentic electric generators to ensure supply.

Backups of course. The data is stored redundantly and must be accessible in a transparent manner if a database or server goes down.

The redundancy is applicable not only to the above, but for all the physical devices involved in the management and transmission of data.

Very important: We not only have to think about security and communications software , we must also think about good physical security for all equipment and wiring.

A data center that does not have a professional team, or have 24/7 support, the proper operation of the service is not very reliable. The provider should maintain and update the software (this task must be fully supported by this team). The provider must be available to customers to solve any problems that arise.

Increasingly, data centers are concerned to comply with the recommendations within the scope of  “Green IT” and this will benefit customers to lower energy costs through efficiency.

Finally, ensure the financial solvency of the company that provides service and … before you sign the contract rather read the Terms of Service and the fine print.

How to get all this information is easy to imagine. Almost always, gather this data from the service provider.


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