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Sustainability And Green IT

Green IT is a term widely used today. It is the reduction of energy consumption, reducing emissions of greenhouse gases, recycling of equipment and products, the proper disposal of waste, including e-waste, the adoption of sustainable architecture techniques, the use of processes that increase the useful life of the equipment and infrastructure of technology and… Read More »


Eight Technologies That Transform Business

Emerging technologies such as cloud computing, mega-storage, intelligent software and all applications for the use of mobile telephony, for example, still have enough room to grow. Part of the market does not yet know how to use available technologies to transform business and get the work done at higher level. According to me, The Eight… Read More »


Cloud Computing As A Trend, Outsourcing Green IT As A Necessity

Some days ago, a get-together was arranged in our company and on that occasion, touched the theme of hosting, ISPs and Cloud Computing. From the discussion, we present the conclusions of this event in which representatives of the hosting market, data centers and cloud computing were talking. Cloud Services This concept came to power in… Read More »


Factors To Consider When Choosing Data Center

When we purchase a product or service that requires a significant investment, it is essential to know in depth the characteristics or properties, if you have a product, and the advantages and security provided if a service. When it comes to data center, there are multiple factors to consider: First large data storage capacity. Not… Read More »