How Much Does One Minute of Data Center Downtime Costs?


According to the study, minute of downtime in data centers average cost of 7908 dollars. And this amount will only grow with time. For example, in 2013 the minute of downtime was 5617 dollars.

The study was conducted in 67 data centers ( data centers were in different industries), the average area of surveyed data center amounted to 232 square meters. Estimated losses from downtime, both direct and indirect for the loss of data, stop business processes, equipment failure and even loss of customer confidence.

The greatest losses were carrying commercial data centers business model, which is based on the provision of carrier neutral data center to its customers. For example, just because of one case DPC losses amounted to 1.7 million dollars. The researchers note that in recent years the number of cases declined slightly downtime, which means that the industry in recent years, focusing on issues of data center infrastructure reliability and continuous operation.

However, the cost of downtime, alas, has grown significantly (41% interest), which means that the business is increasingly tied to IT technology and the failure of a single physical resource leads to impact on more customers.

The most common causes and the cost of damage from these causes was noted by respondents and are presented below:

  • Failure of IT equipment ($ 959,000)
  • Cybercrime ($ 882,000)
  • Malfunctions UPS ($ 478,000)
  • Heating, ventilation and air conditioning ($ 517,000)
  • Failure backup generator ($ 501,000)
  • Influence of natural anomalies ($ 436,000)
  • The Human Factor ($ 380,000)

The most frequently cited root causes of outages include:

  • Battery failure in the UPS (55 percent)
  • Disabling hardware / human error (48 percent)
  • Exceeding the capacity of the UPS (46 percent)
  • Cyberattack (34 percent)
  • IT equipment failure (33 percent)
  • Priniknovenie water in the data center (32 percent)
  • The effects of weather (30 percent)
  • Failure of air conditioning units in the server (30 percent)
  • UPS equipment failure (27 percent)
  • Failure in the power distribution system, PDU and circuit-breaker (26 percent)

These studies:

91% of owners surveyed data centers and data center operators noted that within 24 months there were failures in the data center. For comparison, in 2012 the figure was 95%;

Average data center downtime was 86 minutes. For comparison, in 2012 this figure amounted to 97 minutes;
Average downtime cost was $ 690,204. For comparison, in 2012 this figure amounted to U.S. $ 505,502;



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