eMagic Software: A Complete DC Management Tool


What eMagic is all about?

eMagic System is the convergence of IT and building facilities functions within an organization. It is an all-in-one solution to monitor & manage all the aspects of a device types deployed within a Data Center. It’s an automated system designed to make data center management easy, efficient & quick. This system software provides a central Management Platform that automatically deploys the servers, monitors & manages them proficiently & responds to the client needs as a Managed Service.

eMagic System Software has been fully designed developed by R & D Team at ESDS after in-depth research & evaluation. Its impactful web based user interface supports an inclusive range of DC device management fundamental with advanced needs such as devices’ deployment into DC, their maintenance, their daily device monitoring which includes server troubleshooting bandwidth Consumption monitoring, IP assigning, managing subnets, analyzing network traffic & maintaining the reports, OS installation, sustaining system logs & several essential operational functionalities over a few clicks. This system software empowers organizations for automatically managing and monitoring data center and taking corrective actions whenever it’s essential. This significantly eliminates chances of mismanagement and errors thus saving overall costs and efforts.

In all, eMagic system allows you to manage your DC irrespective of its size through a user friendly graphical interface without contacting system administrator or ESDS for support services to cater to issues like Server Reboot, Power on, KVMoIP, IP requests. It helps administrators locate and identify relationships between a building DC and its IT systems. It proactively manages your Data Center to help you transform your operations and realize returns on your investment.

End use of eMagic:

  • Automated DC devices’ Deployment, Management, and Maintenance, Monitoring
  • User-friendly Centralized Console Management
  • Developing DC Inventory & maintaining through Inventory management (MRN, MIN), auto generating stock reports with availability status when material is received using MIN. This leads to server assembling process that creates various device types such as Servers, Storages, NW devices logically & set ready to deploy them into the rack.
  • Customizable System Dashboard that provides a quick graphical overview of the entire system & its various components such as Power utilization, ISP bandwidth Usage Report, Rack Space, Device Deployment, device Alerts, subnets reports & Network traffic analyzer.
  • Network Management Planning, Operation & Troubleshooting
  • System logs Monitoring
  • Generating Subnet reports which displays the subdivision of IP addresses as well as can add the a subnet by specifying CIDR format
  • Inbuilt Load balancing
  • Emails and SMS Alert System.
  • Ability to maintain Device Power Off, Reboot, Suspend & delete operations on one users’ click
  • Virtualization Management
  • Web based IT Security Management

Industry Segment of this Product:

All organizations that supports biggest data center in the world to manage & maintain the availability of their online business services such as e-commerce Services, Banking Services, and SAP-ERP Modules etc.


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