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eMagic - Manage and Control Your Datacenter and IT Infrastructure on 1 click

A web based system that is widely used for IT asset management, device deployment, and comprehensive server monitoring and network management in datacenters spread across different geo-locations. The revolutionary about eMagic is three click concept i.e. Build, Deploy and Manage. eMagic has auto discovery feature which helps customers to discover all devices and deploy them in rack in just two clicks. With three clicks concept, devices of multiple datacenters across multiple geo-locations can be managed easily. Support to Heterogeneous hypervisors for VM management makes it unique along with wide traditional features like IP SLA monitoring, netflow, alerts, reports and application monitoring. ITIL framework support for data center management like Change Management System, Incident Management System and Problem Management system are enterprise features of eMagic.

Deploy, Monitor & Manage Heterogeneous Systems

Deploy, Monitor & Manage Heterogeneous Systems
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eMagic is All-in-One. Let's know how.

  • Build


    eMagic has auto-discovery feature which makes it to get deployed in any existing system seamlessly. Auto-discovery feature finds all the live systems present within the defined network range using network discovery protocol and builds list of available devices with their internal components like RAM, CPU, disk, cards and so in detail. Customer has complete control on selection of devices to be managed by eMagic. Import process allows users to build logical asset of server. A logical server consists of all actual internal components like RAM, CPU, disk and other cards. Logical server is a modular server which makes easy to add or remove any hardware component from the servers or any other device. Logical assets are associated with department, business group, datacenter location and user.

  • Deploy


    Drag and drop function enables customer to deploy any logical device in datacenter within a second. Single console screen enables customer to select rack based on business unit, business vertical and datacenter location where device needs to be deployed. The actual rack representation enables customer to have complete visibility of existing deployed devices and free rack units.

  • Manage


    eMagic gives all controls. Admins have the power to customize, assign roles/permissions to the users. eMagic manages access-distribution as per hierarchy of organization. Users can manage servers, devices and virtual machines from eMagic. You're enabled to monitor everything about a server and its network Traffic, Bandwidth, IP, Response times, RAM, CPU, Disk, Virtual machines, Temperature etc. By using eMagic's Net flow analyzer, you can collect-read-analyze information and act proactively. eMagic provides alert on preset threshold limits via email, SMS and can be configured as per user needs. It's an all-in-one virtual data center suite.

What would you want to do in your DC? How eMagic can help you?
Management of physical and virtual assets
Auto alerts and updates in the event of any change in of any asset.
Software license management
Managing assets with respective of datacenter location
User based access control of devices
Role based permissions
Customizable dashboard for every different role
Auto network topology for real time monitoring
IP, Vlan monitoring
Bandwidth monitoring
RAM, CPU, Load, disk monitoring
Password management of device
Enabling users to access device without sharing password
Remote operating system installation
Tracking dynamic network routing changes
Monitoring remote networks/ WAN links
Managing RAID failure alerts
Managing virtual infrastructure clusters
Virtual machine management like creation, deletion, suspend
Detailed network monitoring based on NetFlow/Sflow
Change Management
Incident Management
Problem Management
Return of Investment Analysis
Logs Monitoring based on profiles
API integration options with helpdesk


Inventory and Asset Management

Inventory and Asset Management

  • Deploy introductory IT Asset & Inventory logically with eMagic, which logically builds and later maintains each deployment type with full automation
Network Monitoring

Network Monitoring

  • Unique feature of monitoring dynamic network routes and its impact on latency.
  • Intensely monitor bandwidth, latency, jitters and so on.
  • IP SLA monitoring
  • Bandwidth predictions for decision making


  • Heterogeneous hypervisor support.
  • Create, delete, and suspend, backup virtual machines irrespective of hypervisor.
  • Manage virtual machines from eNlight Mobile App.
  • Bandwidth predictions for decision making
Notifications and Alerts

Notifications and Alerts

  • Define thresholds as per requirement
  • Sends alerts/notifications via emails, SMSs, IRC channels.
  • Notification of critical services via eNlight Mobile App.
  • Profiling on syslog based on keywords
ITIL- Change Management system

ITIL Framework Compliant

  • Incident Management System for real time incidents
  • Problem management system
  • Change management systems.
Server or Device Management

Device Management

  • Get device console via eMagic
  • Give access to team without sharing password.
  • Mange lifecycle of device
  • Manage physical asset of device.
Network Management

Network Management

  • Manage dynamic changes in network via network topology
  • Manage routing based on traceroute analysis
  • Manage IP resource and IP reputation
  • Monitor URLS for in-depth monitoring
Netflow Traffic Analyser

Netflow Analyser

  • Collect, store, analyse traffic through Netflow collector.
  • Get top users, top destinations
  • Top protocols, top applications

Why eMagic

eMagic for Banks


ESDS has partnered with one of UK's leading Data Center service provider based in Maidenhead. This organization is an ISO-9001 certified colocation provider, who delivers market-leading, high quality, innovative and pragmatic services.

They understand how critical it is for client equipment to be on-line and accessible 24x7. They could see how partnership with ESDS would help them manage their Data Center better and in a more efficient manner. Some of the benefits of eMagic that our clients now enjoy are availability of an optimized data center operations, centralized management, easy configuration of network components etc.

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eMagic for Enterprises


Integrated approach of eMagic – a smart data center manager, helps enterprisesto manage entire datacenter, campus network. Virtualization stack of eMagic is helpful in managing virtual resources. API and integration support of eMagic with helpdesk system helps to manage incidents, events, call logging. ITIL framework support helps to manage system/network change in compliance with ITIL. Alerts of critical system on smart phones helps customer to take fast actions and avoid downtime. Multi datacenter management capabilities from single consoles UI makes enterprise to save lot of time.

eMagic for Government


Government institutions can focus on core governance tasks, as eMagic lets you administer your datacenter from a single control panel. In fact, multiple or distantly located datacenters can be managed from one panel. eMagic significantly reduces manual efforts through auto-management and monitoring of datacenter tasks . Asset management and alerts of changes in asset helps government to manage asset data easily.

See what our Customers speak about eMagic

Managing growing bank networks, and keeping it simple has become possible because of eMagic. Real-time network monitoring has helped in up keeping our network infrastructure.

Satara DCCB Satara DCCB

NetFlow Analyzer helps our Enterprise with distributed network traffic monitoring and reporting.

bluesquare-data BlueSquare Data

By monitoring and managing all our routers, switches and servers through eMagic, we have simplified our IT management.

  • The Magic Management

    The Magic Management

    eMagic particularly supports 1 to 3 versions of SNMP which makes it possible to add any SNMP-supported device/ server to it. You achieve great bandwidth, high performance and faster device information using SNMP, while you're also able to fetch data instantly and forward it for server and network monitoring.

  • Magic On-demand Management Services

    Magic On-demand Management Services

    eMagic allows you to manage your servers without contacting system administrator or ESDS for support services to cater to issues like Reboot, Power on, KVMoIP, IP requests.

  • Magic, Power and Control with Utility Tools: IPMI/ ILO

    Magic, Power and Control with Utility Tools: IPMI/ ILO

    eMagic gives double power by being supportive of IPMI and ILO both, where others could provide only singular support to either IPMI or ILO. Gain remote control of the Power Cycle (Power On/ Off) through eMagic's remote power management capability.

Best Built eMagic for High Server Performance, at all times

More from the Engineers about the eMagic Build

  • Built-In Security

    Built-In Security

    UI built under MVC architecture and Perl, PHP framework with a secure directory structure, where your core files are hidden from any public access. Code level, access level and server level security keeps it safeguarded in all times.

  • Compatibility with Databases

    Compatibility with Databases

    Works with any of MySQL, MSSQL, PostgreSQL and Oracle database servers. eMagic uses Active record queries which are compatible with databases you choose to work with.

  • eMagic's Watchdog Monitoring

    eMagic's Watchdog Monitoring

    eMagic specializes in watchdog monitoring since it works on Perl. Multithreading gives ultra-fast data fetching from cluster of servers. No differences in performance are observed during traffic or unexpected load times.

Why so different?

The IT Market never saw a management tool, which is as easy and efficient as eMagic. Its automation and comprehensiveness (inclusive of Heterogeneous Virtualization, ITIL Change Management, Netflow Analyser) is unique.

eMagic offers you all modules of DC management, where others would offer you only a few modules, increasing dependencies. eMagic gives complete independence and frees off your hands from tedious datacenter management.

eMagic is different form other Monitoring tools because of its completeness. Deploy all modules or a few, while others would want you to deploy only a few available with them.

You choose to use eMagic because you don't need to worry right from Step 1 of building the solution. Also, it is optimized as per business costs.

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