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No more lost data with the pro backup as a service

Do you know what happened to the Server rooms and Data Centers that were running in the Twin Towers of New York City? Also, the Data Centers that existed in Ukraine, are all their Data Centers safe and running? Of course, most of us are unprepared for any Disaster with our data, but don't you think it's foolish to assume that everything would go right with our data? How good is it to be over-optimistic?

What if the data center holding your website/ data gets hacked one day, and all your data is lost? You would be devastated, right? If you think your data on any device or cloud is safe and secure, you might be mistaken.

Why do you need Data Backup?


Is Your Data Backup Solution Prepared for the Worst?

You can count on us to keep your business in motion
Store data remotely on ESDS Cloud
More cost-effective than in-house
Free up IT staff for strategic initiatives
Reduce on-Prem hardware/software
Better management/reporting
Improved service

According to a survey, 81% of companies using cloud backup and recovery solutions reduced their IT workload, while 62% reduced their IT costs.

ESDS Backup & Replication is a backup, Recovery, and data security solution that works for all your data storage needs. It keeps your data safe and secure, whether on your premises or in the cloud. With our backup as a service, you won't have to worry about downtime, as we offer instant data recovery. Additionally, the service keeps your data safe from cyber threats with tested backups and native immutability. ESDS Backup & Replication is easy to use and works with different types of hardware.

Setting Backup plans and securing various enterprise workloads, including SQL and SAP databases and workstations running Windows or Linux operating systems in a physical or virtual environment, is simple with ESDS. We offer the most suitable backup service to 4000+ happy customers while reducing operational costs. India's well-known financial institutes, healthcare institutes, banks, and government agencies trust ESDS for the exceptional Backup as a service offered.

We would be glad to make you one of those happy customers.

What does ESDS do to maintain data resilience?

With ESDS, you can be sure there won’t be adverse impact of disasters or cyberattacks on your data.

ESDS data center
Data Protection

Your data is always protected by multi-layered security

ESDS data center
Data Recovery

Retrieve precisely what you require, wherever you need it, at any time

ESDS data center
Data Liberation

Secure all of your organizations data with zero vendor lock-ins. 

How does the ESDS backup service work?
  • Set up the Backup solution in MeitY empaneled ESDS Cloud.
  • Customize a Backup policy to fit the customer's needs.
  • Allocate storage capacity for storing the backups.
  • 24/7 support for the cloud-based Backup solution.
  • Provide training as requested.
  • Schedule automatic reports based on the dashboard.
  • Provide access for restoration.
  • Grant read-only rights on the dashboard as per customer demand.
ESDS Public Cloud Services

Backup recovery offering
  • End Point Backup
  • Server Backup
  • O365 Backup
  • Replication / Migration
  • Data Protection Services
ESDS Public Cloud Services

Core Competencies / Features
  • Instant Recovery:I Quickly restore your data with the reliable pioneer of instant Recovery, ensuring you meet your service level agreements (SLAs).
  • Restore Anywhere: Recover your data from multiple clouds and platforms in a portable format.
  • Reliable Recovery: Automated Backup and replica testing ensure your data is recoverable in any disaster scenario.
  • Broad Protection: Automatically Backup your data across cloud, virtual, physical, and NAS environments for comprehensive protection.
  • Freedom of Choice: Choose software-defined and hardware-agnostic solutions for ultimate flexibility.
  • Scale-Out with Ease: Reduce costs by combining different types of storage to create a scalable backup repository.
  • Cloud DR: Get two-step recovery to any cloud for agile disaster recovery (DR), dev/test, and analytics.
  • Data Stays Safe: Enjoy end-to-end immutability for your backups everywhere, from the data center to the cloud.
  • Automatic Backup Scans: Protect your backups from malware with automatic scans and trusted malware detection.
  • Prevent Re-infection: Automated verification exposes undetected malware before data recovery.

ESDS Data Protection Service Benefits

Ransomware In flight: SSL/TLS encrypted port
Unreliable Recovery No VPN is required
Virtualization Strategy At REST
Disaster Recovery Hosted offsite in a cloud repository
Cloud Mobility All data: Encrypted with AES-256
Data Protection Perimeter Firewall- IDS and IPS protection in place
Source level deduplication and compression Data Availability
Resource and Bandwidth throttling ESDS is providing dual copy on the storage level for geographic location
Missed SLA -Compliance O365 Backup
Long term Retention Kubernetes
No Hardware or Vendor Lock-in Guarantee on Backup and Restorations
BaaS and DRaaS In flight: SSL/TLS encrypted port
Datacenter Migration No VPN is required

Product Features

Product Feature Standard Enterprise
Backup to ESDS Cloud with Application Aware
Instant Restores on ESDS Cloud in case of Disaster
Restore to any Cloud
Replication to ESDS Cloud (VM <–> VM)
No Egress Charges
IDS and IPS Protection
Self Restore Portal
Backup to Ransomware Protected Storage
Detection of Malicious Files on Repository
VPN license*
Verified Backups to ensure Restore
Weekly/Monthly Reports of Backup
Highlight issues, if any
Half Yearly Review Meetings
9 x 5 Remote Support
24 x 7 Support
Data Sovereignty Report
Verified Backup Report Monthly

Some of Our Happy Clients


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ESDS Disaster Recovery Solution

Plan your scalable DR solution with ESDS Disaster Recovery for quick business resiliency from any unforeseen disaster and protect your organization's critical data.

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